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    This small book, written in a simple and lucid style, contains teachings of great men, gleanings from the scriptures, and examples from the epics and Puranas, and suggests easy solutions to the various problems faced by man in the present-day world of violence, wars, killings and disasters, and how to have a holistic approach to life.

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    You too Can be Ideal by: Vedula V.L.N. Murthy 89.00

    Indian culture, and civilization in particular, is marked by a spiritual thought culture that is a good guidance to the ideal values of spirituality. The book is an effort to reveal the worth of cultivating spiritual values for a healthy, happy and peaceful life particularly in the modern, increasingly complex world of today. It comes as an inspiration to follow the path of simple living and high thinking, in the footsteps of saints and spiritual thinkers. This work deals with the path of dharma or righteousness, the meaning of a divine life, importance of spiritual knowledge, the great potential power in the universe which is not seen but which controls everything, and the nature of the universe. It emphasizes the need to control one’s senses to achieve mastery over them, the need to keep the mind under control and the importance of the kind of food we consume to develop our inner qualities. Referring to the views of thinkers and philosophers of India like Shankaracarya, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda and others and to Indian legends and tales, it underlines the importance of cultivating interpersonal relations, the habit of renunciation, good company and meditation as a technique to self-fulfilment and peace.

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