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Dr. Kanya Sen Gupta
1973 ,  Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Bethune College
  1. BA: Gold Medallist, National Scholar
  2. Internal Studentship from the University of Durham, England for doing an M.A.
  3. Project fellow, Radhakrishna study center, Rabindra Bharati University
  4. Research Fellowship from India council of philosophical Research (ICPR), Ministry of Human Resource, New Delhi for Doung Ph.D




Member of Dunelm Newswire, University of Durham, England

  1. ‘Language and Communication: Husserl and Heidegger,’ Philosophical Writings ( international E-Journal published from England, University of Durham), 2015.
  2. ‘Is Searle an Inernalist?’, Philosophical Writings (International Journal From University of Durham, England, No 35, Summer 2007 (published in 2009) (ISSN No. 1361-9365).
  3. ‘Chomsky on Innateness’, Journal of Indian council of philosophical Research (JICPR) New Delhi, Vol XXIII, Number 1, 2006.
  4. ‘Rabindranath on Education’ in Anthology, Perspectives on Education, Jadavpur University in Association with the codex, 2009 (ISBN no 978-81-906429-4-1)
  5. ‘Heidegger: Jagoter Modhye Nihito Satta’, in the Journal, Martin Heidegger, Vol 26, no.4, Ebang Mushayera, 2020 (ISSN 0976-9307).
  6. ‘Ethics: Michel Foucault vers us In Immanuel Kant’ in the book, Ethics & Values Different Perspectives, Mohta publishing house in association with Bethune College, 2021 (ISBN: 978-81-932331-5-3).
  7. ‘A Critical Probe into Post Modernism’ in Journal, Heritage, Vol 6, Bethune College, 2019, (ISSN No. 2349-9583).

Articles Present to-

  1. ‘Husserl’s Account of Meaning with reference to Derrida and Heidegger’ in the workshop cum seminar organized by the department of philosophy and comparative religion, Visva- Bharati University, Santiniketan and Centre for phenomenological Studies, Pondicherry, 2020.
  2. Tuesday Lecture, ‘Whether Rational Paradign can establish our congenial Relation with others in the webinar organized by Internal Quality Assurance cell (IQAC), Bethune College, 2020.
  3. ‘Rabindranath on Humanism and Creativity in the lecture series organized by Ethics and Value Education committee and IQAC, Bethune College, 2021.
  4. ‘Chomsky’s Knowledge of Language’ in the seminar organized by the Department of philosophy, University of Durham, England, 1998.
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