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The Sarvadarshanasamgraha of Madhavacharya (PB)

by: E.B. Cowell , A.E. Gough

This book is an interesting specimen of Hindu critical ability. It presents the synopsis of sixteen philosophical systems that were current in the fourteenth-century south India in their most important tenets and maintains the principal arguments by which their followers were endeavoured to maintain them.



ISBN: 9788124608449
Year Of Publication: 2023
Edition: 2nd Revised Edition
Pages : xviii, 300
Bibliographic Details : Index
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23
Weight: 600


The Sarvadarshanasamgraha of Madhavacharya is an interesting specimen of Hindu critical ability. The author herein presents the synopsis of sixteen — Charvaka, Bauddha, Jaina, Ramanuja, Purnaprajna, Pashupata, Shaiva, Pratyabhijna, Raseshvara, Vaisheshika, Nyaya, Jaiminiya, Paniniya, Samkhya, Patanjala and Advaita — philosophical systems current in the fourteenth-century south India in their most important tenets and maintains the principal arguments by which their followers were endeavoured to maintain them. In course of his sketches of these systems, Madhavacharya frequently explains at length obscure details of these different systems.
Sarvadarshanasamgraha presents all these Darshanas from the Vedantic point of view. These had attracted to their study the noblest minds in India throughout the medieval period of its history. There were numerous sects of Bauddha, Jaina, and Hindu philosophical systems and we come across many of them in this book.
This present retypeset edition is quite reader-friendly as we have made a few changes to this edition as value-adds and by incorporating the present-day diacritics.
This English translation of Sarvadarshanasamgraha must evoke keen interest among scholars of philosophy, and researchers and students of philosophy across the globe.


Publisher’s Note
1. The Charvaka System (E.B.C.)
2. The Bauddha System (A.E.G.)
3. The Arhata or Jaina System (E.B.C.)
4. The Ramanuja System (A.E.G.)
5. The Purnaprajna System (A.E.G.)
6. The Nakulisha-Pashupata System (A.E.G.)
7. The Shaiva-Darshana System (E.B.C.)
8. The Pratyabhijna-Darshana (Recognitive System) (A.E.G.)
9. The Raseshvara-Darshana (Mercurial System) (A.E.G.)
10. The Vaisheshika or Aulukya-Darshana (E.B.C.)
11. The Akshapada or Nyaya-Darshana (E.B.C.)
12. The Jaiminiya-Darshana (E.B.C.)
13. The Panini-Darshana (E.B.C.)
14. The Samkhya-Darshana (E.B.C.)
15. The Patanjala or Yoga-Darshana (E.B.C.)
16. The Vedanta or System of Shankaracharya (see Publisher’s Note)
Appendix: On the Upadhi (E.B.C.)

Meet the Author
Prof. E.B. Cowell (1826–1903) was the first professor of Sanskrit at Cambridge University. During 1856-67 he worked as Professor of English History at Presidency College, Calcutta. Also, he was Principal, Sanskrit College from 1858 to 1864. While in Calcutta, he studied Hindustani, Bengali, and Sanskrit with Indian scholars. He returned to England to become the first Professor of Sanskrit at Cambridge, a position he held until his death in 1903. He was also a Fellow of Corpus Christi College. He became an honorary member of the German Oriental Society (DMG) in 1895, was awarded the Royal Asiatic Society’s first Gold Medal in 1898, and in 1902 he became a founding member of the British Academy. Prof. Cowell translated many works from Sanskrit and Persian to English.
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Prof. A.E. Gough, took his MA from Lincoln College, Cambridge and was Professor of Philosophy at Presidency College, Calcutta. He also served the Sanskrit College, Benares, as Professor of Anglo-Sanskrit and later as its Principal. He was also the Principal of the Calcutta Madrasa. He translated many Sanskrit works into English and published a series of articles on the Philosophy of Upanishads and Ancient Indian Metaphysics in Calcutta Review.
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