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Seven Weeks In ‘Little Tibet’: Philosophic Travelling in Ladakh

by: Hella Naura



ISBN: 9789387242449
Year Of Publication: 2019
Edition: 1st
Pages : 176
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Zen Publications
Size: 22
Weight: 205


A German lady, a veteran Yoga practitioner, travels to Ladakh, also known as ‘Little Tibet’. There she dives as much into life in its bustling capital Leh as into moonlike landscapes and Buddhist locales. She spends a week in a solitary meditation cabin, goes on a trek and meets not just Ladakhis but also interesting fellow travellers from all over the globe.

So is this a travelogue? Or are these musings in a journal? Yes, but also much more. Charmed by her chatty narration, spiced with irony and humour, you are gently led to contemplations on life and living, changes wrought by globalization, man-woman relationships, cultural differences, loss of identities, fear as an inherent part of the human psyche and the burgeoning objects of enjoyment versus the diminishing capacity to enjoy.

Before you know it, you realise that HellaNaura’s deep reflections have awakened in you a need to integrate some spiritual viewpoints into your busy modern life. Why? Because her experiences and many joys, in spite of several difficulties, are a proof that a ‘spiritual’ outlook is an effective antidote to the crafty seduction by material and sensual gratifications. And, as she notes, even parts of Ladakhi society – formerly happy, prosperous and woven tightly together with warmth and intimacy – seem to be succumbing to its lures.


I Have Always Wanted to See the Himalayas
A Body Image Gets Corrected
Ladakh, Called ‘Little Tibet’
Arrival in Thin Air
Leh – Not As Expected
High Altitude Sickness
Dora – Ziss Zing Zair
Fellow – lodgers
Sean and Karma
Commitment and Freedom
Caves – Not Quite
By Car To India
‘Learning From Ladakh’
The Dry ‘Composting Toilet
Before The Trek
Off We Go
A Beautiful Hostess
Different Standpoints
Trekking – Never Again
The Day On Which A Man Died
Good Children
Drive To Alchi
Christian Is A Lady
The Place Takes Effect
Seven Days In The Cabin
The Taxi Is There Neighbour
Out Of Ladakh
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“Seven Weeks In ‘Little Tibet’: Philosophic Travelling in Ladakh”

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