D.N. Harjani

Dayal N. Harjani, a Mumbai born businessman, has been residing in Hong Kong since 1969. He goes by the pseudonym of Daduzen which he humbly depicts as slipping into his poetic world of “Dadu” and complemented by “Zen” for the kinship and inspiration that he derives from the meditativeness of the Zen monks and the Japanese culture.
Daduzen is a poet, philosopher, ardent student of Yoga, perhaps a reformist in the making, a writer of spiritual articles and author of self-help books. His early life was influenced by Sufism and the mystical approach to life. He serves as the chairman of a charitable institution in Hong Kong that supports spiritual orientation, vocational training, midday meals and surgical grants to those in destitution.
He learns to live with altruistic aspirations of love and selfless service with an everlasting motto “Think clean, Act clean, and Live clean” for cleanliness is truly next to Godliness.

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