Notker Wolf

Dr. Notker Wolf OSB, born in 1940 in Bad Grönenbach in Bavaria, Germany, is the highest ranking Benedictine of the Confederation of the Benedictines. As Abbot Primate of the order of St Benedict, he is constantly travelling to visit the 8,100 monks and 17,000 nuns and sisters in Benedictine communities all over the world. His headquarters are at Saint’ Anselmo in Rome. Notker Wolf speaks 13 languages, seven of them fluently. An enthusiastic musician, he plays classical music on the flute and performs on the electric guitar in the German rock group “Feedback”. He is a very realistic, open-minded and encouraging person with a great sense of humour. Interreligious dialogue, “loving the world of the other,” is an integral part of his Christian spirituality. With his views on leadership, he is frequently sought out not only in church circles but also by managers in the business world.

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