Devendra Nath Tiwari

Devendra Nath Tiwari, a Professor of Philosophy and Religion, BHU is a distinguished Indian philosopher. Having deep knowledge of texts of philosophy in Sanskrit, he is known for his originality in reflecting on problems. He is widely known for his dedication to promoting the cause of philosophy in India and abroad. As a member of research committee of Go Indian Project, he visited Gothenburg University, Sweden (2012) and served Visiting Professor on ICCR Chair of Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy, Mauritius (2014-17). He is a member of the editorial/advisory board of several Indian and foreign journals and has more than 130 papers published in reputed international and national journals of philosophy. As subject expert, he delivered more than 300 lectures in different universities. He has authored The Central Problems of Bhart¦hari’s Philosophy (2008); Language, Being and Cognition (2014 and modified edition 2021); and a set of two volumes on Dynamics of the Language: The Philosophy of the World of the Words (2017-18 and revised Indian edition 2021). He is one of the two editors of Environmental Ethics: Indian Perspective (2012) and was special editor for the spring issues of the journal of East–West Thought, (vol. 5, 2015 and vol. 8, 2018) on Indian philosophy and religion.

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