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Nature of Philosophy

"Object and Its Utility in Daily Life – A Critique –" by: Devendra Nath Tiwari

This bilingual volume talks about the varied problems of philosophy in terms of definition, philosophical thinking, and the relation between thought and language. Problems that confront to a reflective mind need to be analysed, clarified and resolved. The book fulfils that task.



ISBN: 9788124612347
Year Of Publication: 2024
Edition: 1st
Pages : xiii, 120
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography, Index
Language : English, Hindi
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23


“Nature of Philosophy is a bilingual volume in English and Hindi. It talks about the varied problems of philosophy in terms of definition, philosophical thinking, and the relation between philosophy and language. Akin to any other discipline, in philosophy too, problems concerning it need to be analysed, clarified and resolved for a proper understanding and, it is the ultimate goal of this book. Herein, problems are made clear by analysis, questioning and critical method. The clarity thus achieved prompts us for philosophical reflection to the extent of removal of the problem and a discriminate understanding of the concept. It emphatically states that since philosophical problems are the objects of reflection, philosophical reflections aim at conceptual clarity by analysis, interpretation and wisdom. The question of any sort of risk against philosophy does not hold any merit. It is because philosophy fulfils human aspirations and truth of reasoning to confront with and reflect on problems to remove them. This book offers a thumbnail sketch of the varied problems of philosophy and proffers solutions to them in an efficacious manner.”



Section I

1.  The Problem (समस्या)

2.  Mind and Knowledge in Philosophical Reflection
(दार्शनिक अनुचिन्तन में बुद्धि और ज्ञान)

3. Etymological Meaning of Philosophy
(दर्शन का व्युत्पत्तिमूलक अर्थ)

4.  Thinking and Reflecting (चिन्तन और अनुचिन्तन)

5. Language, Thought and Reality (भाषा, विचार और सत्)

6.  Is Philosophy Metaphysics? (क्या दर्शनशात्र तत्त्वमीमांसा है?)

7.  Dissolving Force of Metaphysics (तत्त्वमीमांसा के
विघटनकारी बल)

8.  Is Philosophy a Discipline of Knowledge?
(क्या दर्शनशात्र ज्ञान के अध्ययन का शात्र है?)

9.  Is Philosophy an Analysis? (क्या दर्शनशात्र विश्लेषण है?)

10.  Is Philosophy a Linguistic Analysis of Meaning or Use?
(क्या दर्शन अर्थ का भाषाशात्रीय विश्लेषण है?)

11.  Critical Philosophy and Critical Thinking
(समीक्षात्मक दर्शन और समीक्षात्मक चिन्तन)

12.  Controversy Over the Object of Philosophy
(दर्शनशात्र के विषय पर वाद-विवाद)

13.  Is Philosophy a Subjective, an Objective or a
Cognitive Reflection? (क्या दर्शन आत्मगत-चिन्तन, वस्तुगत-चिन्तन
अथवा बोधमूलक अनुचिन्तन है?)

14.  Philosophy Is a Cognitive Activity Par Excellence
(दर्शन उच्चतम ज्ञानमूलक क्रिया है)

15. Is Philosophy an Autonomous Activity? (क्या दर्शन एक
स्वशासी क्रिया है?)

Section II

16.  Practical Utility of Philosophy (दर्शन की व्यावहारिक उपयोगिता)

17.  Is Philosophy the Guide to Science and Other
Disciplines? (क्या दर्शनशात्र, विज्ञान और दूसरे तन्ाें का मार्गदर्शक है?)

18.  Is Philosophy the Discipline of Wisdom?
(दर्शन विवेक विद्या है?)

19.  Is Philosophy a Critique of Knowledge?
(क्या दर्शन ज्ञान का प्रत्यावलोचन है?)

20.  Philosophy as Methodology
(प्राविधिक विज्ञान के रूप में दर्शनशात्र)

21.  Method of Analysis, Agreement and Resolve
(विश्लेषण, सहमति और समाधान की विधा के रूप में दर्शन)

22.  Philosophy Enhances and Encourages the Questioning
Power (दर्शनशात्र प्रश्न करने की शक्ति को उत्साहित और विकसित करता है)

23.  Therapeutic Utility of Philosophy: A Cure of Illness
of Thoughts (एक चिकित्सकीय पद्धति के रूप में दर्शनशात्र की   उपयोगिता : यह विचारों की रुग्णता का इलाज है)

24.  Management and Cure of Desires
(इच्छाओं का परिमार्जन एवं प्रबन्धन)

25.  Philosophy: A Cure for Family Quarrel
(दर्शन : गृह-कलह की एक चिकित्सा)

26.  Philosophy Is the Remedy of Resolving the Problems
(दर्शन दार्शनिक समस्याओं के समाधान का उपाय है)

27.  Philosophy Is the Remedy Against Aggressiveness
and Terrorism (दर्शन आक्रामकता और आतंकवाद के खिलाफ़ उपचार है)

28.  Philosophy Is the Ground of Wisdom of Beauty and
Moral Conduct (दर्शनशात्र सौन्दर्य और नैतिक व्यवहार का आधार है)

29.  Conclusion (निष्कर्ष)

Bibliography (सन्दभ-ग्रन्थ सूची)



Meet the Author
Devendra Nath Tiwari, a Professor of Philosophy and Religion, BHU is a distinguished Indian philosopher. Having deep knowledge of texts of philosophy in Sanskrit, he is known for his originality in reflecting on problems. He is widely known for his dedication to promoting the cause of philosophy in India and abroad. As a member of research committee of Go Indian Project, he visited Gothenburg University, Sweden (2012) and served Visiting Professor on ICCR Chair of Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy, Mauritius (2014-17). He is a member of the editorial/advisory board of several Indian and foreign journals and has more than 130 papers published in reputed international and national journals of philosophy. As subject expert, he delivered more than 300 lectures in different universities. He has authored The Central Problems of Bhart¦hari’s Philosophy (2008); Language, Being and Cognition (2014 and modified edition 2021); and a set of two volumes on Dynamics of the Language: The Philosophy of the World of the Words (2017-18 and revised Indian edition 2021). He is one of the two editors of Environmental Ethics: Indian Perspective (2012) and was special editor for the spring issues of the journal of East–West Thought, (vol. 5, 2015 and vol. 8, 2018) on Indian philosophy and religion.
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“Nature of Philosophy”

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