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Subasini Barik
01/11/1963 ,  Associate Profeesor, Philosophy. Deshbandhu College Kalkaji; DU




Life member of Indian Division of Sehopenhauer Society IDDS
Life member of Infian Philosophical Congress
Life member of All Orissa Philosophical Association Founder & Life member of Jangyanodaya
Life member of All India Womens Education fund Assocaition
Assciate editor ASSR ( Asiatic Society for Social Science Research)

Translated lie Course book for Yog Teacher’s Trainning Programme 2019.
“Yogic Practices and Training (448) Yog practice (499)” Pub. by – National Insta. of Open MHRD, GOI) January 2019. Noida.

1. Our Knowledge of Other Minds in Prajna vol X 1990
2. “Shree Jagannath : A Glimpse of Mythology,” Desh, 2004
3. “J N molongy : A living legend”, Souvenir 2006
4. ‘Actim and Agent, Proceedings of 9th Conference of AOPA, 2008
5. ‘Secince and Spirituality’, Unity in Diversity’ Proceedings of 10th Conference of AOPA, 2009
6. Gandhiis Life: A Gift to Monvind’, Proceedings of Gandhi loma, ICPR 2012
7. ‘Synlhesis of Values: A Bhagvad Gita Perspetive’ Relavance of Bhagvad Gita in Personal Context, 2015.
8. ‘Shree Jagannath and Ratha Yatra’, ASSSR, vol. 2. 2020

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