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Omana S
1944 ,  Rtd. Professor of Philosophy
  1. Senior Lady in the discipline of philosophy honoured by department of culture govt. of kerala.
  2. ICPR Award for Post-Doctoral Research



  1.  Life Member of JICPR
  2.  Life Member of IJDL
  3.  Life Member of JISPS
  4.  Life Member of Inernational School of Dravidian Studies Trivandrum
  5.  Member of Sree Narayana Gurukaza Foundations
  1. Advaita in Malayalam, History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civil station – Advaita Vedanta, Vol. II part II, Centre for Studies in Civilstations, New Delhi- 2000
  2. Devotion and Discent in Narayana Guru, Devotion and Discent in Indian History, Cambridge University Press India- 2014
  3. The Unitive Vision of Narayana Guru, JISPS, Vol. I Issue I, 2015
  4. Vedanta- The Science of Consciousness: Narayana Guru’s Epistamological Perspective, IJASRM, Vol. I Issue 10, 2016
  5. Narayana Guru’s Concept of One Religion (EKA MADAM), IJASRM. Vol. II Issue I, 2017
  6. Nataraja Guru, ONE THOUSAND FULL MOONS, DK Print World, New Delhi, 2021
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