Maurice Bloomfield

Best known as the student of Vedas, Maurice Bloomfield, Ph.D., LL.D., was a reputed philologist and Sanskrit scholar. He was born on 23 February 1985 in Austrian Silesia. Though a Polish by birth, he made, of late, America his home. He did his studies at Furman University, John Hopkins University and Princeton University. He studied Sanskrit under W.D. Whitney. Dr Bloomfield taught at John Hopkins University as Associate Professor and Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology.
As an author, Dr Bloomfield published numerous articles in the American Journal of Philology. He was the first to edit Kausika-Sutra (1890), and in 1905, he published Cerberus, the Dog of Hades. In 1906, he published this volume as part of the Harvard Oriental Series. His The Religion of the Veda appeared in 1908; Life and Stories of the Jaina Savior Parasvanatha and a work on the Rig Veda got published in 1916. He breathed his last on 12 June 1928.

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