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Dr. Ramakalyani Venkatraman
26-05-1956 ,  Research Associate, KSRI & KVSRE, Chennai

Dr.V.Ramakalyani holds a degree in mathematics from Madras University, M.A. in Sanskrit and M.Ed. from Mysore University and Ph.D. from Madras University. She is a Rank holder and Gold medalist in Mathematics and Sanskrit in all the University examinations. She is engaged in the research on Ancient Indian Mathematics since 2011. Earlier she had been teaching Mathematics and Sanskrit. At present she is working as a Research Project Associate in The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute and in Prof. K.V. Sarma Research Foundation for Mathematics and Astronomy, Chennai. She is doing research projects for National Mission for Manuscripts and also for Sanskrit Promotion Foundation, New Delhi. She has presented papers in many National and International seminars, including one at the World Sanskrit Conference, 2016 at Bangkok. She has served as a Resource Person in the workshops on Ancient Indian Mathematics. She has published papers in reputed journals and her three books are in the process of publication. She has been delivering lectures on Ancient Indian Mathematics in the colleges and schools. She is conferred with the title “Samskrita Ratna” by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and DKSKSI trust, Chennai in 2019.

1. “Samaskrtaratna” title recieved from D.S.K.S.S.I Trust, Chennai-4,2019
2. The Prof. G Marulasiddaiah memorial prize, 1990, Mysore University (M.A. Sanskrit 1st Rank)
3. The Bysoni Madhava chetty medal, 1976, Madras university, ( B.Sc. Mathematics with Lang. Sanskrit)
4. The Balarama Iyer Gold Medal, 1976, Madras University
5. Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund Award for Meritorious students, 1976, Madras University




Member, Associate of Mathematīcs Teachers of India [AMTI]
Member, Sanskrita Academy, Chennai.

Articles Published

1. Kuṭṭāhāra Śiromaṇi of Devarāja (An Algebraic text), Sanskrit Science and Scientific Litrature, 16th World Sanskrit Conference Vol-16 (DK publi.&Distributor), 2019.

2. Anekavarṇa Samīkaraṇa Madhyamāharaṇam- An application Sudha, Veda Vojand Proceeding of 5th International vedic Sciince Conference, Banglore, 2013.

3. Chāya Vyarahāra in Indian Mathematic, The Journal of Oriental Research, Madras, Vol. XXXVII, 2015.

4. Appreciation and Application of Ancient Indian Treatment for plant Science, Prcācī prajna E-Journal, Vol. V, 2018.

5. Śulbasūtreṣu ganitām, Samskntaśri Journal of Sanskrit Edl. Society, July 2018

6. Purātana Bhāratīya ganitām, Samskntaśri Journal of Sanskrit Edl. Society, Aug 2018

7. Āryabhatīya ganitām, Samskntaśri Journal of Sanskrit Edl. Society

8. Ādiśankarasyānubhūtyām mātr- pitṛ-guru-devāh, Samskntaśri Journal of Sanskrit Edl. Society,Apl. 2020.

9. Gaṇeśa Daivajna’s upapattis for some rules in the Lītāvatī, Culture and History of Mathematics, (Bhāskara-Prabhā) Vol. II, 2019.

10. Computational Aspects in Indian Mathematics, JCISS – Journal of Combinations Information & System Sciences, Vol. 44, 2019-20.

Papers Presented

1. Plant Disease, Control and Treatment, 4th Inernational conference on Life Science, National Institute of Vedic Science, Banglore, Mulbagal, Dec.2011.

2. Effective Empowerment of Epic Women, All India Sanskrit Women Scholar’s Conference, Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati, Tirupati, Mar.2013.

3. Ancient Indian Mathematics in School Curricula, International Conference on History and Development of Mamthematics, JECRC University, Jaipur, Nov.2013.

4. Anekavarṇa-samīkaraṇa-madhyamāharaṇam, 5th International conference on Ancient Indian Mathematics and Astronomy, National Institute of Vedic Sciences, Banglore, Banglore, Dec.2013.

5. Kaṇakkadhikāram of Kārināyanār, VII National Conference on Ancient Science and Archeological, Ancient Sciences and Archaelogy Society of India, Mysore, Courtallam, Jan.2014.

6. Pottery in Vedic Literature, National Seminar on Material Culture or Iron Age as Reflected in Sangam Literature, R.E.A.C.H. Foundation, Chennai, Mar,2014.

7. Śrīla Rupa Gosvāmin’s Contribution to Bhakti Rasa, National Seminar on Rasa Theory, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya, Enathur, Kanchipuram, Mar,2014.

8. Gaṇeśa Daivajna’s upapattis on Līlāvatī, International Conference on the 900th Birth Anniversary of Bhāskarācārya, Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Thane, Sep,2014.

9. Khātavyavahāra in Ancient Indian Mathematics, 7th National Women’s Science Congress, Karnataka state Women’s University, Vijapur, Nov,2014.

10. Tamil Mathematical Works, UGC Seminar on Science  in Ancient India, D.G. Vaishnav College, Chennai, Feb,2015.

11. Kuṭṭākāra śiromaṇi of Devarāja, 16th World Sanskrit Conference, Silpakorn Unviersity, Bankok, Thailand, Jul,2015.

12. Saṁskṛtam and Mathematics, Samskrita Maha Sammelanam, Samskruta Bharati, Chennai, Sep,2015.

13. Researches in Twentieth Century on Indian Mathematics and Astronomy, National Seminar, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa
Mahavidyalaya, Enathur, Kanchipuram, Mar,2016.

14. Dhananjaya vijayam – A Mahākāvya, National Seminar on  Modern Writings in Sanskrit, Sree Sankaracarya Unviersity of Sanskrit, Kaladi,  Kaladi, Dec,2017.

15. Buddhhivilāsinī and Kriyākarmakarī, National Conference on Indian Mathematics and Astronomy, K.V. Sarma Research Foundation, Chennai, Oct,2018.

16. Edition of Manuscript-Gaṇitāmṛtalahrī, National Conference on History and Development of Mathematics, Samskrita Academy and  SCSVMV, Enathur, Kanchipuram,  Nov.2018.

17. Kuṭṭākāra in Planetary Computations, International Symposium on Astral Science in Asia, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai, Jan.2019.

18. Yogi Sadāśiva Brahmendra Sarasvatī, International Conference on Philosophy and Praxis of Yoga, Indic Academy, Banglore, Feb.2020.

19. A New Outlook on the Concept of Areas as Seen by Ancient Indian Mathematicians, International conference on Synergies Computational, Mathematical, Statistical and Physical Sciences, SSN Engineering College & Stella Maris College, Chennai, Virtual (Zoom-webinar), Nov.2020.

I have served as a Resource Person in the worshops on Ancient Indian Mathematics conducted by the Kuppuwami Sastri Research Institute and K.V. Sarma Research Foundation.

I have been delivering lectures on Ancient Indian Mathematics in several colleges and schools with the aim of spreading among the youngesters, the contribution of Ancient Indian Mathematicians through Sanskrit texts, to the world of Mathematics.