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History and Development of Mathematics in india: Samiksika Series 16

by: Dr. Ramakalyani Venkatraman , Sita Sunder Ram



ISBN: 9789380829708
Year Of Publication: 2022
Edition: 1st
Pages : xii, 558
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Foreword By : Pratapanand Jha
Size: 23
Weight: 890


The experiences and knowledge from our past are recorded in manuscripts which have been handed down to us over several thousand years. The Government of India, through the Department of Culture, took note of the importance of this vast tangible heritage and, in order to preserve and conserve as well as to make access to this wealth easy, established the National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM). In order to disseminate the knowledge content of manuscripts, the Mission has taken up several programmes such as lectures, seminars and workshops. The Mission has published the proceedings of the above-said programmes under the following series: “Samiksika” (on conservation), “Tattvabodha” (comprising lectures based on manuscripts delivered by eminent scholars), “Samiksika” (research-oriented papers presented in the seminars), “Krtibodha” (transcribed and edited texts prepared at advanced level manuscriptology workshops conducted by NMM) and “Prakasika” (publication of rare, unpublished manuscripts). The present work, Samiksika-16 comprises the proceedings of the conference on History and Development of Mathematics held in the Samskrita Academy, Chennai in collaboration with the National Mission for Manuscripts.



1. Tribute to T. A. Saraswati Amma & K.S. Shukla
– M.D. Srinivas

2. A Comparative Study of Pratibhagi Ganitam and Tyagarti Manuscript Grahaganita-Padakani
– K. Rupa
– Padmaja Venugopal
– S.K. Uma
– S. Balachandra Rao

3. An Interesting Manuscript Dealing with Algebra
– Sita Sundar Ram

4. Edition of Manuscript: Ganitamrtalahari of Ramakrsna
– V. Ramakalyani

5. Ganakananda: Indian Astronomical Table
– Padmaja Venugopal
– S.K. Uma
– K. Rupa
– S. Balachandra Rao

6. Karana Kutuhala Sarini: Its Importance and Analysis
– M. Shailaja
– V. Vanaja
– S. Balachandra Rao

7. Hemangada Ṭhakkura’s Grahanamala: Eclipses from 1620 to 2708 CE
– V. Vanaja
– M. Shailaja
– S. Balachandra Rao

8. Makarandasarina: Some Special Features
– S.K. Uma
– Padmaja Venugopal
– K. Rupa
– S. Balachandra Rao

9. Manuscripts on Indian Mathematics
– K. Bhvaneswari

10. Study of the Ancient Manuscript Mahadevi Sarini
– B.S. Shubha
– B.S. Shylaja
– P. Vinay

11. Fibonacci Sequence: History and Moden Application
– Vinod Mishra

12. Karani (Surds)
– R. Padmapriya

13. Square Roots of Expressions in Quadratic Surds as per Bhaskaracarya
– S.A. Katre
– Shailaja Katre
– Mugdha Gadgil

14. The Fore-Shadowing of Banach’s Fixed-Point Theorem among Indian and Islamic Mathematicians:      Procedural or Spatial Intuition
– Johannes Thomann

15. Arithmetic Progression: On Comparing Its Treatment in Old Sanskrit Mathematical Texts and Modern Secondary School Curriculum in India
– Medha S. Limaye

16. Introduction: Contributions of Shri Bapu Deva Shastri to Lilavatī of Bhaskaracarya
– B. Vijayalakshmi

17. Parikarmacatustaya and Pancaviṁsatika
– V.M. Umamahesh

18. An Appraisal of Vakyakarana of Paramesvara
– Venketeswara Pai R.

19. Astronomical Observations and the Introduction of New Technical Terms in the Medieval Period
– B.S. Shylaja

20. Mahajyanayanaprakarah: Infinite Series for Sine and Cosine Functions in the Kerala Works
– G. Raja Rajeswari
– M.S. Sriram

21. Lunar Eclipse Calculations in Tantrasamgraha (c.1500 CE)
– D. Hannah Jerrin Thangam
– R. Radhakrishnan
– M.S. Sriram

22. Non-trivial use of the “Trairasika” (Proportionality Principle) in Indian Astronomy Texts
– M.S. Sriram

23. Suddhadrgganita: An Astronomical Treatise from Northern Kerala
– Anil Narayanan

24. कालनिरुपणम्
– मुरलिः एस्

25. Some Constructions in the Manava Sulbasutra
– S.G. Dani

26. Geometry in Sulbasutras
– Sudhakar C. Agarkar

27. Development of Geometry in Ancient and Medieval Cultures
– Shrenik Bandi

28. Life and Works of T.A. Sarawati Amma and Suggestions for Future Work in Geometry
– P.S. Chandrasekaran

29. Indian Math Story
– Pattisapu Sarada Devi

30. Technology of Veda Mantra Transmission Through Ages: Relevant for Current Communication Technology (Verbal & Text)
– M. Rajendran

31. A Note on Confusion Matrix and Its Real Life Application
– T.N. Kavitha

32. Historical Development of Fluid Dynamics
– E. Geetha
– M. Larani

33. Role of Wiener Index in Chemical Graph Theory
– A. Dhanalakshmi
– K. Srinivasa Rao

34. The Origin of Semiring-Valued Graph
– Ramya
– T.N. Kavitha

35. History of Optimization Models in Evolutionary Algorithms
– K. Bharathi

36. Graph Used to Find Crime
– T.N. Kavitha
– C. Yamuna

37. A Discussion on Real Life Application of Mathematics
– T.N. Kavitha
– B. Akila

38. History of Operations Research
– J. Sengamalaselvi

39. Graph Kernels in Protein Study: A Survey
– D. Vijayalakshmi

40. Spectral Techniques in Protein Study: A Survey
– D. Vijayalakshmi
– K. Divya

41. Review of Wiener Index and Its Applications
– A. Dhanalakshmi
– V. Kasthuri

42. Matlab in Protein Study
– D. Vijayalakshmi
– A. Shakila


Meet the Author
Dr.V.Ramakalyani holds a degree in mathematics from Madras University, M.A. in Sanskrit and M.Ed. from Mysore University and Ph.D. from Madras University. She is a Rank holder and Gold medalist in Mathematics and Sanskrit in all the University examinations. She is engaged in the research on Ancient Indian Mathematics since 2011. Earlier she had been teaching Mathematics and Sanskrit. At present she is working as a Research Project Associate in The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute and in Prof. K.V. Sarma Research Foundation for Mathematics and Astronomy, Chennai. She is doing research projects for National Mission for Manuscripts and also for Sanskrit Promotion Foundation, New Delhi. She has presented papers in many National and International seminars, including one at the World Sanskrit Conference, 2016 at Bangkok. She has served as a Resource Person in the workshops on Ancient Indian Mathematics. She has published papers in reputed journals and her three books are in the process of publication. She has been delivering lectures on Ancient Indian Mathematics in the colleges and schools. She is conferred with the title “Samskrita Ratna” by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and DKSKSI trust, Chennai in 2019.
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“History and Development of Mathematics in india: Samiksika Series 16”

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