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Historical Geography of Orissa

by: J.K. Sahu



ISBN: 9788193607619
Year Of Publication: 2020
Edition: 2nd impression
Pages : xxii, 324 p.
Bibliographic Details : 4 Maps; Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23
Weight: 700


The region of Orissa, from the point of view of studies in historical geography, has always remained a challenging area, not least owing to its vast and complicated history, varied geography and intriguing sources. Though the historical geography of this region has been considered for analysis in the past, it has only been featured as a chapter or in a section as part of a larger whole. Thus, this work is perhaps the first attempt to present a comprehensive research study of the historical geography of Orissa.
The author, guided by long research experience, culls material from all available sources — literary, epigraphic, etc. — to subject the theme to a systematic analysis that leaves not a facet of the subject unexplored. He describes and delves into the ancient, medieval and modern periods of historical growth to underline the historico-geographical significance of various kingdoms and places of importance that emerged, flourished and disintegrated at different times — as Kalinga; South Koshala; Odri, Utkala or Toshala; Trikalinga; and the many Mandala states. He studies the physical features of the area, the mountain system of the Orissa state and its rivers, with a view to showing how they have shaped its history. The transport and communication routes in the region since ancient times are retraced to reveal the region’s strong cultural and economic foundations among other things.
This book, from first to last, unfolds a wealth of interesting and useful information. Complete with an exhaustive bibliography, index and maps of Orissa, the book can immensely aid further research works on the subject.



Transliteration Table



  1. The Prologue

Naming of Orissa — A Historical Study

The People


Script (Lipi)

  1. Kalinga

Origin of the Kingdom of Kalinga — Puranic Theory

The Kalingas as a Tribe

The Baudhayana Dharmasutra

The Extent of Kalinga

Kalinga under Nanda Rule

Kalinga under the Mauryas

The Atavika Country

Kalinga under the Shungas and Kanvas

The Mahameghavahanas

The Satavahanas

Kalinga on the Eve of Samudragupta’s Invasion

Invasion of Samudragupta

Kalinga under the Matharas

The Vasishthas

The Eastern Gangas

Administrative Divisions of Kalinga under the Gangas

Metropolises of Kalinga

Important Villages

  1. South Koshala

The Parvatadvarakas

The Arang Copperplate Charter

The Sharabhapuriyas

The Panduvamshis (cir ad 700 to 800)

The Somavamshis

The Telugu-chodas

The Kalacuris

  1. Utkala, Odra and Toshala



Toshala or Toshali

  1. Trikalinga

Trilinga and Tilinga in Early Literature

Trikalinga in Epigraphs

Views of Scholars

Historical Analysis

  1. Feudatory Mandala States








Banai Mandala




  1. Mountains


Mountains of Historical Importance

  1. Rivers

The Mahanadi

The Brahmani

The Vaitarani


The Burhabalanga

The Rishikulya

The Vamshadhara

The Nagavali (Langulya)

The Godavari

The Indravati

The Kolab or Savari

The Macchakunda or the Matsya River

  1. Routes and Highways
  2. The Epilogue

Dismemberment of South Orissa

Disintegration of North Orissa



Meet the Author
Jagna Kumar Sahu (b. 1933), a historian with profound knowledge of Sanskrit and epigraphy, is a reputed name in the field of Orissan studies. He has taught in leading colleges in Orissa for more than three decades and authored about 25 books in his area of specialization. He has also published over 50 articles in various prestigious journals and magazines. Having guided about a dozen scholars for their dissertation on different topics, he is currently engaged in research on a project sponsored by the Orissa Sahitya Academy.
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“Historical Geography of Orissa”

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