Prakash Pandey

Prof. Prakash Pandey, the editor and translator of a rare Rudradhyaya, is a renowned scholar in Veda, Tantra, Shaivism, philosophy and ancient scripts. He has authored and edited many interesting publications like Kalipujapaddhati, Mudravimarsha, Vrddhsvachandasamgrahatantram and Sanketakaumudi. Apart from this Prof. Pandey has also edited Merutantra, Kavyaprakasha ki Shitikanthavibhodanatika and Adbhutasagara. He is also engaged in translation and editing of a unique grantha Bodhatavi (on astrology) written in Sharada script prevalent in the in Punjab and Kashmir. Prof. Pandey’s research style on classical literature presents him as an expert scholar in traditional and modern studies.
He is presently serving as Principal of the Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Garali (Himachal Pradesh).

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