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Dr. Sharda Narayanan
,  Female ,  Indian ,  Assistant Profsessor, Dept. of Natya

Sharda Narayanan received a firm foundation in Sanskrit literature, Nyaya and Vedanta from the late Vidwan C. Anantacharya. Academically brilliant right through, she received Master’s degrees in Physics and Sanskrit from Bangalore University and later researched Vakyapadiya at JNU, New Delhi. She has taught Physics at Notre Dame Academy, Patna and Mount Carmel College, Bangalore for several years and also taught Sanskrit at the JNU. Fluent in Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit and English, as also very active in Sanskrit drama she has a keen interest in travel and English literature. She is most suited to studying and interpreting Sanskrit texts and has already several published research papers to her credit.



KSRI, chennai.

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