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R.N. Kogata
1964,  Male ,  Indian ,  Practicing Chartered Accountant

Mr R.N. Kogata and Mrs Lalita Kogata have probably the world’s biggest creation and collection of more than 7800 types of statues/idols and paintings of Lord Ganesha. They run a Ganesha Gallery as well in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Other books authored by them are Maa – the Mother, Pati – the Husband in the eyes of Wife, Patnee – the Wife in the eyes of Husband, Insaan and Indian Marriage: Customs and Rituals.The Kogata couple have already created 1,000 different paintings of Lord Ganesa based on the 1,000 names of the elephant-faced god Ganesha as given in Hindu Scripture. Mr Kogata is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary by profession and Mrs Kogata is a post-graduate and a part Company Secretary. They have two sons, Devashish and Kushagra. Devashish is also an artist and has already made more than 700 pencil sketches on Lord Ganesa.

Honours/Awards received

Limca Book of Record Holder for highest no. of Ganesha Statues & Paintings.

Honoured by the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India for Ganesha work and Limca Record.

Honoured by Bharat Vikas Parishad for Ganesha work and Limca Record.

Honoured by Maheshwari Panchayat for Ganesha work and Limca Record.

Honoured by Muskan Club for Ganesha work and Limca Record.

Meritorious Award by Udaipur Chamber of Commerce & Industries for Ganesha work and Limca Record.

Academic & Professional qualification


University Year of Award
Bachelor Rajasthan University 1983
Ph.D Chartered Accountant ICAI, New Delhi 1986
Others Company Secretary ICAI, New Delhi 1986


Membership(s) of Socieities/Associations being held

Member – Udaipur Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

Member – Bharat Vikas Parishad, Pratap, Udaipur.


Position(s) held

1. Vice President & Secretary, Shruti Synthetics Ltd. 1988-1995

2. President, Bharat Synthetics Ltd. 1995-2001

3. E.D., Shruti Synthetics Ltd. 2001-2002

4. Proprietor, R.N. Kpgata & Co. CA 2002-Till date

5. Director, Kanchan Capital Service P. Ltd. 2002-Till date


Details of your published books/monghraphs

S.No. Title Publisher Year
1 Maa – The mother I edition Maharana Mewar Historical Publication 2004
2 Insaan Maharana Mewar Historical Publication 2005
3 Paanigrahan Sanskar Maharana Mewar Historical Publication 2006
4 Maa – the mother II edition Self 2008
5 Pita – the father I edition Self 2008
6 Maa – the mother III edition D.K. Printworld 2009
7 Pita – the father II edition D.K. Printworld 2009
8 Pati – the husband D.K. Printworld 2009
9 Patnee – the wife D.K. Printworld 2009
10 Indian marriage D.K. Printworld 2009
11 Parivaar – the family D.K. Printworld 2011

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