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    Pancastikayasara of Kundakunda by: Jagdish Prasad Jain 765.00

    This volume on Pancastikayasara deals with major concepts of Jaina metaphysics and ethics. It examines with the essential nature of panca (five), astikaya (entities) – jiva (conscious being), non-conscious entity (ajiva), including pudgala (matter), the principle of motion (dharma), the principle of rest (adharma) and space (akasa), which are existent realities (asti). The book describes the nine principles (tattvas), the first two primary categories of jiva (soul) and ajiva (non-living entity) and the seven derivative categories of virtue (punya) and sin (papa), the inflow (asrava), the stoppage (samvara), shedding (nirjara), bondage (bandha) of karmas and liberation (moksa). It assesses the concept of the three jewels (ratnatraya), which together constitute the path of liberation. The book will be an indispensable reference work for scholars and students of Indian philosophy and religion, particularly Jainism.

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