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Mahesh Singh Kushwaha
1938,  Male ,  Indian ,  Retired Professor

Mahesh Singh Kushwaha (b. 1938), MA, PhD (English), Sahityacarya (Sanskrit), Sahitya-ratna (Hindi), retired as Professor and Head, Department of English and Modern European Languages, Lucknow University. He has to his credit a voluminous Hindi commentary on the well-known text of Sanskrit grammar, Laghu-siddhanta-kaumudi; and edited volumes of essays, Indian Poetics and Western Thought on Sanskrit poetics and New Perspectives on Indian Poetics. Dr Kushwaha edited another volume on Sanskrit poetics, Dramatic Theory and Practice: Indian and Western. He contributed about sixty articles on Sanskrit poetics to Encyclopaedia of Indian Poetics.
Prof. Kushwaha also published a bibliography of dissertations in English studies under the title, English Research in India. An expanded edition of this was published as Indian Doctoral Dissertations in English Studies: A Reference Guide. Besides, he published Glimpses of Indian Research in English Literature.

Awarded U.P. Government prize for the Hindi Commentary on Laghu-siddhanta-kaumudi (Chowkhamba, 1965).


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