T.M. Babu
,  Male ,  Indian

Dr T.M. Babu is an exploration geologist with about 40 years of world-wide experience investigating diamonds, gold, tin, platinum, copper, and other rare metals in India, Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia, United Kingdom, DR Congo, Sudan and many African countries. He was associated with Government of India in Geological Survey of India and Planning Commission, United Nations Development Projects (USA), BRGM (France), WARDROP (Canada), Kyrgyzstan (Russia), Coronation International (UK), and several international and multinational organizations. He is known as — “tin babu” — for his vast research work, doctorate degree and discovery of tin deposit in Bastar, Central India. He wrote books on tin, diamonds, platinum and co-authored Mining and Metal Production Through Ages, published by British Museum, London. He is a recipient of National Mineral Award of Government of India and Narayanaswamy Award of Geological Society of India. Now he is working as Vice-President of African Resources Group, in Africa.

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