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Dr. Sushmita Bhowmik
1979 ,  Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Diamond Harbour Women's University
  1. Awarded with University Gold medal for Standing first in B.A Examination in Philosophy from Jadavpur University (2201)





  1. An Inquiry into Sri Aurobindo’s Metaphysics, in Sanskrit- cintanama, vol. 2, Aug 2016.
  2.  The Influmee of Vedanta in our Social Life, In Bulletin of the Ramakrishna Mission Insitute of Culture, Kolkata, July 2012.
  3. Gandhian Appraisal of Truth in Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy, 2011.

Edited Books:-

  1. The Influence of Buddhist Philosophy on Gandhies deals of Peace and Non-violence, in ‘Gandhi: A global Parspective:, 2020.
  2. Life: Convergence and Divergence of Nature’s Law in History of Natural Disastess in India: Percaption and Implication, 2018.
  3.  Belief in Cultural Morality: Socail Harmony, in Exploring the Edge of Belief: A congnitive myth, 2017.
  4.  In Search of Global Peace in World Peace Through Indian Wisdom, 2016.
  5. Dream: A Journey into Sri Aurobindo;s Thought World in Dream Yonder, 2015. 5. Social Truth: Interplay of Thought and Emotions, 2014.
  6. The Moral Self: In Search of Spriritual Idontity in Ami Apni O Nitra Svalpokatha, 2012.
  7. Some Truths About Error: A Reconceliations in Error in Epistemic and Pragmatic Sphere, 2012.
  8. Sri Aurobindo’s Views on Education and It’s Relevance, in Education Philosophy and Practice, 2011.
  9. Mahatma Gandhi-r Samjehirita-e Veda Ebong Upanishad-er Prob, in, Dharmaniti O Sruti, 2009.
  10. Sri Aurobindo and the uplift of Hamanity, in, Understanding Thoughts of Sri Aurobindo, 2007.
  11. Violence Versus Non-Violence: Introprotation by Sri Aurobindo and Mahamta Gandhi, in, Sri Aurobindo and His Contomporary Thinkers, 2007.
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