M. Harihar Shastri

Professor M.H. Shastri was born in 1911 in of Kerala. He earned his masters degree in Sanskrit grammar with first rank from the Government Sanskrit College, Trivandram in 1931. He became the Head of the Department of Grammar of that very same college. Even after retiring from this post, Professor Shastri remained active and became the Head Teacher of the Brahmavidyalaya at Sivagiri, Varkala, which is a centre originally conceived by Narayana Guru to teach Brahmavidya. There he spent many years learning and teaching the works of Narayana Guru. It was there that he began writing commentaries on some of Narayana Guru’s works to be published in Malayalam. His published Sanskrit works include: Harihara-pitriyam Stotrakavyam, Rajaguna-nirupanam, Citra Mimamsa-khandana-khandanam, and Tinanta-rupavali. He has also been honoured by the President of India for his outstanding contributions to the Sanskrit language.

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