Suresh Neotia

Suresh Neotia fell in love with Indian art half a century ago, and developed a passion for appreciating and collecting objects of art. Over the years, his art collection increased and diversified at different places — Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Ambujanagar and, finally at the Kalamandapa (the Museum) at Jnana-Pravaha, Varanasi, which now houses the major part. The collection is being taken care of by Bimla Poddar under the supervision of Prof. R.C. Sharma, former Director-General of the National Museum of India.
The collection includes Indian miniature paintings representing almost all major and sub-styles. The specimens from Bikaner form the largest number. Tangkhas from Tibet and Nepal and a unique sketchbook of Nepal-Tibet style are remarkable items. The stone sculptures and terracottas are comparatively small in number, ranging from 5th century bce to 19th century ce, and have been collected from different parts of the country. The coin collection comprises select specimens from pre-Mauryan (Punch Marked) to the British period. Similarly, textile pieces of Persian origin, as well as beautiful Indian brocades and zari work celebrate the quality handwork of the weavers. An outstanding acquisition is a copper plate with the seal of Emperor Harsha issued in his 23rd regnal year, corresponding to ce 629. There are also fine items of decorative art in gold and silver, brass and copper. Some of these objects have been presented for view in major national and international expositions.
The Suresh Neotia Collection presents a feast to the eyes of the viewer whether he is a scholar, researcher, collector or a casual visitor.

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