Sharath Chandra Swamy
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Dr Sharath Chandra Swamy is currently the Director of Research Institute of Shaivism, Karnataka Samskrit University, Mysore. He is appointed as Asst Professor of Vedanta Faculty, Karnataka Sanskrit University, Bangalore in 2013. Prior to his appointment, he served for more than seven years as a manuscriptologist in Oriental Research Institute, University of Mysore. He has several years work experience in the areas of teaching, research and administration.
Swamy received his PhD from University of Mysore, Karnataka with “the Best Thesis Award”. He has a double master’s degree in Philosophy, Vidwat in Shakti Vishishtadvaita Vedanta and diplomas in different allied subjects. He has made national and international presentations for many professional groups. He has several research publications published in well-known journals and papers presented in various conferences.
He has received several honours. Notably “Prof. Hiriyanna Award” for the Best Indological Book and his most recent honour was the “Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award”. He currently serves as a member of various boards of universities and educational institutions. His recent publications include Siddhanta Kaumudi Vyakhya, Kanada Samgraha Vivaranam, and Nudisodaru. His previous book Bauddha Dharma Darshana is a standard reference work on the Buddhist philosophy.

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