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Dr.‘Ghatam’ KARTHICK

Dr. ‘Ghatam’ KARTHICK is one of the shining star artistes on his captivating clay pot instrument. His creative originality, distinct stage-presence, vibrant virtuosity, nimble fingers and a nimbler mind have all made him a most sought after percussionist in Indian Classical Carnatic Music. Dr. ‘Ghatam’ Karthick has shared the stage with almost all Top ranked Classical artists of the day and has been featured in many respected festivals and many recordings. A prime disciple of Grammy Award winning Ghatam Maestro, Padmabhushan “Sangita Kala Acharya” Sri.T.H. Vikku Vinayakram and Ghatam Wizard ‘Kalaimamani’ “Sangita Kala Acharya” Sri. T.H.Subash Chandran, Dr. Karthick has travelled and performed all over the world with his wonder pot in various prestigious venues including the ‘United Nations’.
Dr.Karthick is an ‘A-TOP’ Graded Artiste’ in All India Radio, Chennai, performing in numerous National Sangeeth Sammelans, National Programs of Music, South Zone Hook-ups, Invited audience concerts both in All India Radio & Doordarshan. Dr. Karthick, as an expert entertainer has enthralled audiences all over the World in countries like India, South Africa, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar, Muscat, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.
Dr. Karthick also leads, conducts and orchestrates the popular ensembles HEARTBEAT and SUMS(K)RHYTHM, incorporating innovative concepts in the fine art of melodic/rhythmic improvisations. As a Creative Composer, Dr. Karthick has composed pieces in various genres like Tillanas, Kritis, Varnam, Ragamalika, Instrumental Orchestrations, Fusion Pieces, Devotional songs, Hymns, Romantic songs, Folk songs etc. All these innovative creative efforts have been exceptionally acclaimed by both the Press and public all over the World.
Dr.Karthick has performed many Jugalbandhis & Fusion Concerts with many International renowned North Indian and Jazz artistes respectively. Dr. Karthick also features as a respected artiste in the Indian film industry, performing for Composers like Ilayaraja, A.R.Rahman, Vidhyasagar, Harris Jayaraj, G.V.Prakash, Vijay Antony and many others.
Dr. Karthick also specializes in Verbal Percussion (Konnakol) and the Morsing (Jaws harp) too. Dr. Karthick has trained many Indian and Foreign students in Percussion, which includes personal classes and online sessions. Karthick also gives tips and technical guidance to other fellow musicians in percussion performing phrasing patterns and in creating / conceiving new concepts and new progressions.
On the Academic side, Dr. Karthick holds a M.A, M.Phil and PhD in Sanskrit, as illustrious Alumni of RKM Vivekananda College and has a M.A. in Indian Music from University of Madras. Dr. Karthick has also presented talks and lectures on a variety of other aspects in topics like Spiritual Values, Indian Heritage and Culture, Indian Musical thought, Mathematics and Percussion, Concert Format, Role of Musical Instruments, How to appreciate rhythm, Indian Customs and Beliefs, Humour and Music, Planets & Music, Astrology & Music, Mystical Symbolism etc.
Dr. Karthick has been a recipient of numerous Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards. Dr. Karthick is the first Ghatam artiste to have received the prestigious Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar from the Sangeet Natak Academy, Department of Culture, Government of India. Dr.Karthick has been adorned with Titles like Ghata Nadhamani, Nadha Oli, Sangeetha Kala Bharathy, Laya Kala Vipanchee, Nadha Kala Nipuna and many others. Dr.Karthick is also the Asthana Vidwan of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and Sakatapuram Peetam.
Dr. Karthick involves in many humanitarian activities like Blood and Eye donations and supports benevolent causes such as concerts for Kargil soldiers, Tsunami sufferers, Flood relief, Cancer cure, Orphanages and Earth-quake victims. Dr. Karthick also lends his support for philanthropic organizations like Spastic Society of India, CRY, Lions Club, Rotary club etc. Karthick participates in benefit concerts for Fund raising concerts for School Building fund, for Temple renovation, for Cultural Institutions etc.
Dr. Karthick has been blessed by many Spiritual Masters, Highly commended by a galaxy of legendary percussionists, Past and Living Legends, Great Maestros and Geniuses, Gifted Musicians and also admired by the present Generation Stars. He has the unique nature of being acknowledged by both Elite and Mass audience and has also won glorious accolades from both Press and Public. All these facets have earned him a special endearing status in the hearts of musical enthusiasts.

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