Yoloti Gonzalez Torres

Yoloti Gonzalez Torres : Born in México City. M.A. Sc. and Ph.D. in Anthropology from the National School of Anthropology, and the National University of Mexico, two years studies of Indian anthropology at the Delhi University. Director of the Center of Asian Studies, of the Ibero American University; Executive Secretary of the School of Anthropology of the Ibero American University, Curator of the Asian Section of the Museum of Cultures, of the National Institute of Anthropology (INAH), Director of the Departament of Ethnology and Social Antropology (INAH); Director of the Museum de El Carmen (INAH).

Author of the books: The Astral Workship of the Stars Among the Mexica; Human Sacrifice among the Mexica; and Dictionary of Mythology and Religions in Mesoamerica. About 50 articles including “Mesoamerica, History of Study” in the Encyclopedia of Religion. ed. by Mircea Eliade at the Columbia University in 1985, and several articles in Papeles de la India, edited by the ICCR.

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