Ramesh Chandra Sinha

Dr. R.C. Sinha, Professor and former Head, Department of Philosophy, Patna University, is currently a fellow of the Department of Indian Council of Philosophical Research. He received PhD from the Banaras Hindu University in 1969 and entered into the teaching job in 1968 at the Post-Graduate Department of Indian Philosophy and Religion, College of Indology, Banaras Hindu University. Subsequently, he joined Patna University in 1970.
He has been honoured by Loknayak Sammana (2005) and Vidwad Bhushana (2011). He is the author of Samkalina Bhartiya Chintak and Samaj Darshan evam Rajniti Darshan ki Rooprekha (1994). Dr. Sinha has edited Philosophical Deliberations (2005), essays in honour of Prof. D.M. Datta; Bhartiya Darshnik Chintan (2007); and two volumes of Dimensions of Philosophy (2012). He is the chief editor of Darshanik Traimasik as well.

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