Shri Krishan Sharma

Dr. Shri Krishan Sharma, born in 1954, is a dedicated Professor of Indology in Kurukshetra University with vast experience in teaching and intensive research on various branches of Indological studies. He is a perfect blend of traditional Sastra learning and modern university education.
He has written/edited/compiled sixteen titles on different branches of Indic studies. His major work, the critical edition of the Aksharatantra, one of the Pratisakhya of Samaveda, has brought approbation from Vedic scholars. Besides, he has written forty research papers in Sanskrit, Hindi and English, related to various aspects of Indology for well-reputed journals, felicitation and commemoration volumes, and proceedings of 14th World Sanskrit Conference, Japan. He has visited Finland, Thailand, Scotland, Indonesia and Japan to present various research papers in World Sanskrit Conferences and other international conferences.
Under Dr Sharma’s supervision, sixteen research scholars have obtained PhD and twelve MPhil students have submitted their dissertations.
He was honoured by Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund, New Delhi, in recognition of his academic achievement and received the Bana Bhatta Award (2009) from Haryana Sanskrit Academy.

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