Raffaele Torella

Raffaele Torella is Professor of Sanskrit at University of Rome “Sapienza”, where he has also taught for long Indian Philosophy and Religion, and Indology.
Main publications: The Ishvarapratyabhijna-karika of Utpaladeva’s with the Author’s Vritti. Critical Edition and Annotated Translation, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass 2002 (repr. Delhi 2014); Shivasutra with Kshemaraja’s Vimarshini (Milan: Adelphi, 2013; in Italian); The Philosophical Traditions of India: An Appraisal, Varanasi: Indica Books, 2011; (with G. Boccali) Eros and Emotions in India and Tibet (Turin: Einaudi, 2007; in Italian).

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