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Ernst Fürlinger
1962,  Male ,  Austria ,  Scientist (Religious Studies)

Dr Ernst Fürlinger has studied Nondualistic Kashmir Shaivism from 2001 till 2006 in North India, mainly with Pandit Hemendra Nath Chakravarty and Prof. Bettina Bäumer (both from Varanasi).
He is presently Head of Center for Religion and Globalization, Danube University Krems, Austria; and Post-doctoral Lecturer at the Institute for Religious Studies, University of Vienna and member of the Scientific staff at Center for Migration and Integration, Danube University, Krems (near Vienna). Austria.

Award Adult Education 1996, Country Government Salzburg.
Received Bruno Kreisky Award for Human Rights 1997 in the name of Austrian Network against Poverty.


Austrian Society for Religious Studies

1. Is Cit Consciousness? Hermenentical Reflections on Translating Abhinavagupta in: M. Paranjape/S. Vijuvalingam (eds.) Abhinavagupta Reconsiderations (EVAM no. 4) New Delhi 2006, 204-210.
2. A Theology of the Senses in Nondualistic Kashmir Shaivism, in: Sahridaya. Studies in Indian and South East Asian Art. Felicitation volume R. Nagaswamy Chennai 2006, 29-44.

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