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    Dr. T. N. Mishra explores the moral and philosophical meanings and significance of yoga and studies the philosophies and practices that bear reference to it. Abounding in illustration, notes and references to scholarly treatises, it explains yoga psychology, its classification, techniques and stages and practice and concentrating on Yoga-tantra and its impact on Indian art and architecture.

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    Yoga-Tantra and Sensuousness in Art by: T.N. Mishra 540.00

    The word yoga and the various concepts associated with it are being interpreted and understood with great interest the world over especially in recent years. This work by a noted research scholar, Dr. T. N. Mishra explores the meanings of the word yoga and its moral and philosophical annotations, and conducts an intensive study of the philosophies and practices that bear reference to it. A thorough research, Yoga-Tantra and Sensuousness in Art goes into the theoretical foundations of Yoga, tracing its roots to the sacred scriptures and explaining the goal of Yoga, the discipline it involves, Yoga psychology, its techniques and stages, and classification and practice of Yoga as Mantra-Yoga, Laya-Yoga, Hatha-Yoga and Raja-Yoga. It comprehensively examines the aim and philosophy of Yoga-Tantra and the way to awaken the kundalini through the cakras practising Yoga-Tantra. It makes a detailed analysis of the Yoga-sadhana of the Natha siddhas (the ulta-sadhana) and Yoga-sadhana as found in Vaisnava and Buddhist Sahajiya. Citing interesting examples, it importantly deals with Yoga and Tantra as reflected in Indian art: the impact of the philosophy of Yoga-Tantra with its subtle sensuality on Indian secular and religious architecture and sculpture. Abounding in illustrations and extensive in notes and references to ancient scholarly treatises and exponents of Yoga and to modern researches on the subject, the book will interest all scholars of Indian art, philosophy and spirituality and appeal to general readers on Yoga as well.

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