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Windows to the World's Religions below

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  • 10 Digit ISBN : 8124604754
  • Pages : vii, 221
  • Size : 23


-- Arvind Sharma


1. Polyphony and the Aesthetics of Interreligious Dialogue

-- John N. Sheveland

2. Spirituality as the Root of Tolerance: Religion Practised at the Retreat Centre 

-- Paul Schwartzentruber

3. Interfaith Friendship: A Bridge to Peace 

-- Susan Kennel Harrison

4. A BahA'i Perspective on Human Rights and the World's Religions After September 11

-- Brian D. Lepard

5. Christian Missionary Activities in Turkey: Myth or Reality?

-- Mustafa Koylu

6. The Life of Guru Arjan Dev and its Present-day Relevance 

-- P. S. Bhandari

7. Mira Behn: an Environmentalist of the Himalayas 

-- George James

8. How Australian Indigenous Women Transform Christianity 

-- Lee Miena Skye

9. Of Terror and Tranquillity: The Ramanashram -- A Gendered Perspective

-- Vijaya Ramaswamy

Journey into Openness

10. Understandings of Interreligious Dialogue

-- Mary N. MacDonald

11. Overview of the InterReligious Council  of Central New York 

-- Rabbi Daniel A. Jezer

12. Ecology and Religion 

-- Rhea Jezer

13. The Work of the Education Committee  of the InterReligious Council  of Central New York

-- Rev. James C. Bresnahan

Responsibility Beyond Borders

14. Our Responsibility for Each Other

-- Jehan Bagli

15. Our Responsibility for Each Other 

-- Roshni Kasad

Appendix: Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the World's Religions
The Contributors 


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