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Nandlal Vanvari
1940,  Male ,  Indian ,  Retired Scientist/Technologist/Manager

Nandlal Vanvari, PhD, has specialized in electronics and communication engineering. He has presented papers in national and international conferences on R&D vis-à-vis electronics industry and has published a number of research papers in journals and works on the subject. Over the years, he has keenly cultivated his interest in spiritual-scientific topics like the occult sciences.

1. Best Student, V.C. High School, Gwalior, 1956.
2. UNDP Fellowship – 6 months exposure tour of U.K. and USA.
3. Represented CSIR in NOvember 1982 ‘Fair India’, U.K.
4. Award of ‘Excellence’, CPRI, Muradnagar.


Ex-Senior Member IEEE (USA)
Ex-Member, Indian Vacuum Society, BARC, Bombay
Ex-Member, BIS, Manak Bhawan, New Delhi
Ex-Member, Indian Society of R&D Planning and Management, CSIR, New Delhi

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