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Soul-psychic Sleuthing (PB)

Techniques of Telepathy Clairvoyance and Psychometry by: Nandlal Vanvari

This book deals extensively with the sleuthing techniques of telepathy, clairvoyance and psychometry. When soul-psychic sluething is applied extensively, it will minimize troubles and traumas, corruption, and terrorism in the civilized societies. It incorporates the views of Taoist and Confucius, and of the modern psychologists giving a new dimension to soul-psychic sluething.



ISBN: 9788124606513
Year Of Publication: 2013
Edition: 1st
Pages : xi, 292p.
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23
Weight: 600


Soul-psychic Sleuthing will help us bring peace, harmony and welfare of society we live in. When it will be applied extensively, it will minimize troubles and traumas, corruption, and terrorism in the so-called civilized societies.
The Hindu scriptures talked of atma-manthan (soul-churning) because it is only atma, i.e. soul which being one with the Universal Consciousness, knows the truth, which in turn can reach the best solution. Truth shall win. This enforces the application of the Soul-psychic Sleuthing.
There are many techniques of the soul-psychic sleuthing. However, this book concentrates only on three of these — telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychometry. Based on Taoist and Confucius wisdom texts, and the views of the modern psychologists, this study provides in detail the methods to develop these talents. Presenting the sleuthing practised by seers and mystics, psychic readers and trackers, telepathists, consultants in their areas and others, it delves into each of the three techniques in-depth.
The soul-psychic sleuthing needs reason, courage, majesty, morals, ethics, values and a tranquil mind besides the absolute purity of thought and intention.


1. Sleuthing Circle
1.1 Sleuthing Centre
1.2 Sleuthing
1.3 Sleuthing Techniques
1.4 Sleuthing Sojourn
1.5 Sleuthing Scope
2. Our Sleuths
2.1 Carnal Eyes
2.2 Mind’s Eye
2.3 Eye of Soul
2.4 Hands
2.5 Consultants
3. Telepathy
3.1 Intuition
3.2 ESP
3.3 Thought Waves
3.4 Telepathic Nervous System
3.5 Development of Telepathic Faculty
3.6 Telepathists
3.7 Trance-mediumship
3.8 Psychotronics
3.9 Psychokinesis
3.10 Telekinesis and Teleportation
3.11 Tulpa
3.12 Thoughtography
3.13 U.F.O.
3.14 Telepathic Voices of Dead
3.15 Telepathy of Rebirth
3.16 Telepathic Networks
3.17 Telepathic Sense
3.18 Telepathy’s Truths
4. Clairvoyance
4.1 Types and Order of Clairvoyance
4.2 Mystic Clairvoyance
4.3 Clairvoyance Development Techniques
4.4 Clairvoyants
4.5 Clairaudience
4.6 Clairsentience
4.7 Crystal-gazing and Clairvoyance
4.8 Dream Clairvoyance
4.9 Witchcraft Clairvoyance
4.10 Dzogchen
4.11 Seers and Mystics
4.12 Seen
5. Psychometry
5.1 Psychometry Talent Development
5.2 Investigation Technique
5.3 Predictive Psychometry
5.4 Telegnosis
5.5 Psychic Readings
5.6 Psychic Tracking
6. Sleuthing Oracle

Meet the Author
Nandlal Vanvari, PhD, has specialized in electronics and communication engineering. He has presented papers in national and international conferences on R&D vis-à-vis electronics industry and has published a number of research papers in journals and works on the subject. Over the years, he has keenly cultivated his interest in spiritual-scientific topics like the occult sciences.