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A Royal Edifice Restored to its Pristine Glory by: Piers Helsen

The work takes us on a journey through the famous Bagore-ki-Haveli, which typifies the best of Mewari architecture, to show us the splendour and magnificence of a Rajasthani royal household. With many colour photographs, it reconstructs the royal lifestyle and practices — its customs, religious undertakings and costumes, and discusses the artistic beauty of the haveli.



ISBN: 9788124602065
Year Of Publication: 2002
Edition: 1st
Pages : 24
Bibliographic Details : Illustrated with colour photos; Glossary
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 28 cm.
Weight: 200


Rajasthan boasts of many beautiful monuments and structures of the royalty which stand as evidence to India’s glorious ancient culture and heritage. The Bagore-ki-Haveli is one such edifice. The book takes us through the architectural wonders of the haveli to reflect what it had been the royal household of Maharaj of Bagore. With many splendid colour photographs of its impressive rooms, large balconies, wide terraces and attractive, leafy courtyards, it reconstructs the royal household and its functioning, customs and religious practices, costumes and ornaments, and arts and entertainment. It captures the artistic brilliance of the exquisite glass inlay work and paintings in the restored haveli including a gallery of Madhurastakam paintings describing the loveliness of Sri Krishna and his divine lover, Radha. The work highlights the charming style of the haveli that typifies the best of Mewari architecture but has a unique character of its own. The book, a visual delight presenting a glimpse into the royal lifestyle and splendour of the time, will be invaluable to historians studying the history, art and architecture of north India in the centuries before India’s independence and will also interest readers in general as well as tourists.


1. The History of Bagore-Ki-Haveli
Aaraish work (Lime Plastering)
Mirror Inlay Work
Kuan Chowk (Well Court)
The Zenana
Neem Chowk and Kamal Chowk (Lotus Court)
Tulsi Chowk
Baithak (Sitting Room)
Snanagar (Bathroom)
Shringar Kaksh (Dressing Room)
Maoranjan Kaksh (Entertainment Room)
Majisa-Ka Kamara (The Matriarch’s Chamber)
Pooja Kaksh (Room of Worship)
Gangaur Kaksh (The Gangaur Room)
Sangeet Kaksh (Music Room)
Jharokha (Balcony)
Shayan Kaksh (Bedroom)
Rasoda (Kitchen)
Parenda (Place for Drinking Water)
Kanch Mahal (Glass Palace)
Tripolia (Triple Arched Gate)
Durrie Khana
Art Gallery & Exhibitions
2. Madhurastakam
Charming Krishna – Lord of Sweetness
Madhuradipater Akhilam Madhuram
3. Indra Viman
The Elephant Chariot

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