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Shruti Jauhari
1969,  Female ,  Indian ,  Faculty, Hindustani Classical Vocal, K.M. Music Conservatory, Chennai

Shruti Jauhari is a noted performing artiste of Hindustani classical music.
She has been teaching Hindustani classical vocal music for the last fifteen years. Since 1988, she has been a regular and graded artiste at the All India Radio. She has been performing extensively in India and abroad and conducts regular workshops and lecture-demonstrations on voice-culture as a specialised subject. She is actively involved and associated with various organisations and institutions promoting Hindustani classical music. Currently, she is faculty member for Hindustani classical vocal music at KMMC, a music conservatory promoted by the Oscar winner Dr A.R. Rahman.
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Gold Medals at Graduate + Post Graduate Levels.
Best Vocal Performance at State Level in 1990 Awarded by Govt. of M.P.
Conducted Lec/Dem at the Prestigious Asian Civilization Museum (ACM) at Singapore, 2010.
Performed Hindustani Classical Music Across India and Abroad.


Indian Musicological Society.

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