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Mediaeval India under Mohammedan rule (712-1764 CE)

by: Stanley Lane-Poole



ISBN: 9788193607695
Year Of Publication: 2021
Edition: 2nd
Pages : 449
Bibliographic Details : Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Suryodaya Books
Size: 22
Weight: 720


The immemorial systems, rules and customs of Ancient India were invaded, subdued and modified by a succession of foreign conquerors who imposed new rules and introduced an exotic creed, strange languages and a foreign art. Their invasion started with the raid of the Muslim Arabs in Sind and with the arrival of the Turks under Mahmud the Iconoclast at the beginning of the eleventh century, India entered upon her Middle Age. This volume talks about the Indian history of over a 1,000 years, from 712-1764 with the raid of the Arabs in the Sind to the decline of the Moghul empire, featuring the Turks, Persians and Afghans (Moghuls) and specifies that the age-old Indian life outlived the shock of the new ideas, religion and culture that were imposed on India’s polity. India never assimilated the foreigners or their ideas. Barring Akbar the Great, that too at a minuscule level, no one could make much influence on them. Therefore, these foreigners remained essentially as an army of occupation among a hostile or repellent population, making the history of the Mohammedan Period more of a chronicle of kings, courts and conquest than of organic or national growth, stimulating and instructive.


Book I

The Invasions, 712-1206


I. Introduction — The Arabs in Sind, 712

II. The Idol- Breakers — Mahmud of Ghazni, 997-1030

III. The Men of the Mountain — ghazni and ghor, 1030-1206

Book II

The Kingdom of Delhi, 1206-1526

IV. The slave king — The Turks in Delhi, 1206- 1290

V. First Deccan conquests — ALA-AD-DIN KHALJI, 1290-1321

VI. A man of Ideas — Mohammad Taghlak, 1321-1388

VII. Disintegration — Provincial Dynasties, 1388-1451

Book III

The Moghul Empire, 1526-1764

VIII. The coming of the Moghuls — The Emperor Babar, 1451-1530

IX. The EBB of the tide — Humayun, 1530-1556

X. The United Empire — Akbar, 1556-1605

XI. Akbar’s Reforms — The Divine Faith, 1566-1605

XII. The Great Moghul — And European Travellers, 1605-1627

XIII. Shah-Jahan — The Magnificent, 1628-1658

XIV. The Puritan Emperor — Aurangzib, 1659-1680

XV. The Ruin of Aurangzib — The Maratha war, 1680-1707

XVI. The fall of the Moghul empire — The Hindu revival, 1707-1765

Mohammedan Dynasties




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