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Copper-Plate Inscription of Odisha

A Descriptive Catalogue by: Subrata Kumar Acharya

This catalogue of more than 400 copper-plate inscriptions of Odisha from the fourth to the sixteenth century ce furnishes the detailed information about the rulers and the beneficiaries, religious persuasion of the kings, occasion and purpose of the land grants, eras and other astronomical details, numerical systems, development of language and script, administrative and revenue terms, etc.



ISBN: 9788124607541
Year Of Publication: 2014
Edition: 1st
Pages : xlii, 559p.
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 29 cm.
Weight: 1900 gm.


Odisha is well known for its epigraphical wealth. More than 400 copper-plate grants and 1,000 stone inscriptions ranging from the fourth to the sixteenth century ce have been discovered so far. In this volume, the author has taken extreme care in documenting all the published and unpublished copper-plate grants including the stray plates, spurious charters and the palimpsests.
These epigraphs are grouped under different dynasties and the relevant data in each copper-plate inscription have been systematically classified making the volume a descriptive catalogue of the copper-plate inscriptions of Odisha. It, thus, painstakingly furnishes detailed information about the rulers and the beneficiaries, religious persuasion of kings, occasion and purpose of the grants, eras and other astronomical details, officers and persons present at the time of the grants, rights and privileges transferred to the donees, land measures, prevailing currency system of the period, administrative and revenue terms, topographical details, development of language and scripts, and so on. These inscriptions, mostly in Sanskrit, also delineate the system of numeration while specifying the era or days of a month, amount of tax to be paid, land measures, etc.
While adopting a comprehensive approach in treating the subject, the book deals with the technique of preparing copper plates for writing the royal deeds; flattening of the metal sheets into rectangular plates, their sizes, positing of the seals, the symbols and legends on the seals, amidst many more pieces of information.
This innovative and scholarly work should entice the spirit of students, historians and researchers, especially those who are interested in the history and culture of Odisha. The bibliographical details furnished in the volume will prove to be of immense help to serious scholars working in the field.


List of Copper-Plate Inscriptions Discussed
Key to Transliteration
1. Matharas and Their Contemporaries in Kalinga
2. Nalas and Other Unknown Rulers of West and South-West Odisha
3. Sharabhapuriyas
4. Minor Ruling Families of North Odisha
5. Shailodbhavas
6. Panduvamshis
7. Eastern Gangas
8. Some Minor Rulers of South Odisha
9. Shvetaka Gangas
10. Bhaumakaras
11. Somavamshis
12. Early Bhanjas
13. Bhanjas of Khinjali-Mandala
14. Later Bhanjas
15. Bhanjas of Khijjinga-Kotta
16. Shulkis and Their Contemporaries
17. Imperial Gangas
18. Suryavamshi Gajapatis
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Meet the Author
Dr. Subrata Kumar Acharya (b. 1962) is a scholar of Indian epigraphy and palaeography who has published research papers in prestigious journals in India. He has authored Numerals in Orissan Inscriptions (Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Simla, 2002) and his work Symbols and Syllables: Understanding the Origin and Development of the Brahmi Numerals is shortly going to press.
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