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Towards a New Age of Nonviolence

Celebrating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi



Genral Editor: A.S. Sasikala, S. Sushma Raj
ISBN: 9788124610336
Year Of Publication: 2019
Edition: 1st Edition
Pages : x, 300p.
Bibliographic Details : Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Gitam University Press
Size: 25
Weight: 750


Towards a New Age of Nonviolence is a compilation of scholarly articles on Gandhi – his philosophy of nonviolence (ahimsa) and nonviolent action (satyagraha) – are the themes encompassing the volume. In a materialistic world of today, people hold guns and grudges, and for the slightest glitch, they pronounce wars that do not end. The fearful consequence of this would lead to human extinction very soon. In such a detrimental and precarious scenario, the only way out is to embrace the Gandhian way of living.
The book comprises 14 articles on Gandhi and his values, its relevance to industrial age, views on nonviolence, economics of gram swaraj, significance of peace and tolerance in an era of explosive technology and his spiritual and ethical doctrine in the context of current global conflicts. The book is sure, a must read for everyone who wants to see a better world.




  1. Varieties of Violence and Some Ways of Controlling It and National Integration

                 — K. Ramakrishna Rao

  1. Comparative Religion: A Hindu/Gandhian Perspective

                 — Sushil Mittal                                                     

  1. Gandhian Way to Communal Harmony: Problems and Prospects

                 — Alok Tandon                                                      

  1. Exploring Ethics in Gandian Economic Ideas and Practices

                 — B. Sambasiva Prasad

  1. Gandhi’s Bhagavadgita Interpretation: Can It Be Universalized?

                 — Ithamar Theodor

  1. Conflict Prevention, Peacebuilding and Development: The Liberal–Institutionalist vs the Human Security Paradigms

                 —D. Jeevan Kumar

  1. Gandhi’s Gram Swaraj: Novel Interpretations, Renewed Experiments and Best Practices in India

                 — Nalini Bikkina

  1. Gandhi’s Idea: A Beacon for Rural India

                 — Bijayashree Satpathy

  1. Gandhian Ethics and the Philosophy of Deep Ecology

                     — Sasikala A.S.

  1. Waiting for the Mahatma: Gandhian Impact on Indian Literatures

                 — Rositta Joseph Valiyamattam

  1. Sarvodaya: An Ethics of Sustainability from Gandhian Perspective

                 — Pankojini Mulia

  1. Relevance of Gandhian Ideals in Twenty-first-Century Global Affairs

                 — Junuguru Srinivas

  1. Gandhian Economics

Vamsi Krushna Atmakuri

  1. Role of Gandhi as Peacebuilder

                 — Sangeeta Bhamidipati





“Towards a New Age of Nonviolence”

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