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Mind & Supermind (2 Vols. Set) below

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  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788124600535
  • 10 Digit ISBN : 8124600538
  • Edition : 2nd impression
  • Year : 2013
  • Pages : xxxii, xv, 737 p.
  • Bibliographic Details : Glossary; Bibliography; Indices
  • Size : 23 cm
  • Weight (approx.) : 1200 gm

Vol. I
Indian Perspective

List of Figures

1. Pure Consciousness

Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss
Pre Existence and Pure Consciousness
Four Levels of Consciousness
The Cognizability of Brahman
The Self-Luminous Being

2. Induced Consciousness

Brahman, Ishvara and Jivatman
Manifestation of Upadhis
The Indwelling Spirit
The Vedantic Concept of the Mind
The Subtle Body
Psychinc Sheaths

3. The Potter's Wheel

Materialists' Rejection of Soul
Soul in Western Religions
Anattavada in Buddhism
Karmavada in Buddhism
Refutation of Buddhist Concepts by Vedanta
Karma and Rebirth in Advaita Vedanta
Karma and Rebirth in Sankhya
Karma and Rebirth in Yoga Philosophy
Testability of the Rebirth Concept

4. The Thinking-Substance

Sankhya Metaphysics
Yoga Metaphysics
Yoga Psychology

Citta-Vritti -- Kleshas -- Samskara-Pinda -- Karmashaya -- Memory (Smriti) -- Recognition -- Sleep (Nidra) -- Dream (Svapna) -- The Restriction of the Fluctuations of the Mind-Stuff -- The Help of Ishvara for Yogic Attainments -- Stabilizing and Balancing the Mind -- Means of Attainment -- Emotions -- Instincts -- Isolation (Kaivalya)

Sankhya-Yoga Versus Vedantic Yoga

5. The Serpent power

Shiva-Shakti Bipolarity
Subtle Body
The Symbology of the Cakras
Evidence for the Existence of a Subtle Body
Reals or Symbols?
The Physiology of the Cakras

Muladhara -- Svadhishthana -- Manipura -- Anahata -- Vishuddhi -- Ajna

Evolutionary Tree
Meditation on the Cakras
Kundalini and Her Awakening

6. Supernormal Phenomena

Supernormal Phenomena in the Yoga

PSI -- Factors Conducive to PSI Results -- ESP -- Xenoglossy -- Psychokinesis (PK) -- Apparitions -- OBE -- NDE

Miracles and Supernaturality?

Volume II
Western Perspective

List of Figures

7. The Concept of Mind in Western Religions and Philosophy

Plato's Dualism
The Concept of Mind in Western Religions
The Concept of Mind in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Cartesian Philosophy
The Concept of Mind in Rationalism
The Concept of Mind in Empiricism
Mind in Materialism
Mind in Idealism
Psychophysical Parallelism
Neutral Monism
Philosophical Behaviourism of Gilbert Ryle
The Concept of Mind in Language-Analysis
Personal Identity
Summary Appraisal

8. The Concept of Mind in Psychology

The Psychology of Wundt
Psychology of William James
Gestalt Psychology
Freudian Psychoanalysis
Jung's Analytical Psychology
Nativism Versus Empiricism
Cognitive Science
Other Processes of Thinking

9. The Concept of Mind in Science

Systems within the Nervous System
Functions of the Spinal Cord
Neurons and Synapses
The Electrical Activity in a Nerve
The Macro-Structures of the Brain
The Micro-Structures of the Brain
Functions of the Brain Structures

Medulla Oblongata -- Cerebellum -- Limbic System -- Hypothalamus -- Reticular Formation -- Sleep -- Thalamus -- Cerebral Cortex

Left and Right Brains
Brain Waves
Conscious Control of the Autonomic Nervous System
Mechanical Interpretation in Science
Artificial Intelligence

Computer Architecture -- Alphanumeric Codes -- Memory Devices -- Hardwares of the Brain and the Computer -- Can the Computer Think? -- Brain Versus Computer

Brain-Mind Identity

10. Mind and Supermind

No Universe Without a Supermind
No Organism Without a Mind
The Stationary Magnet and the Moving Coil
The Conscious, Unconscious, and Superconscious
The Holistic Existence
Cosmic Link-Up

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