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  • The Problem of Aryan Origins

The Problem of Aryan Origins

From an Indian Point of View, Revised and Enlarged Edition

Author: K.D. Sethna

A vexed question is taken up in all its details and an answer elaborated  with unconventional results. Many of our pet ideas are shown to be baseless  and the current division of "Aryan" and "Dravidian" which has caused a  good deal of bad blood is resolved with the help of history,  archaeology, literature and linguistics forming a comprehensive  framework for the insights and researches of India's greatest seer and  thinker: Sri Aurobindo. The central thesis makes the Rigveda considerably  precede the Harappa Culture instead of immediately following it as modern  historians hold although there is neither archaeological nor documentary  ground of a convincing kind for such a belief. It also presents the Rigveda  as a symbolic record, telling of an inner-life search, an occult warfare, a  spiritual conquest couched in physical-seeming terms. This book is the  first step towards what may be termed a "transvaluation of values" in the  historical sphere. The next step is Karpasa in Prehistoric India which  converges on the same basic goal but along different routes, so as to  strengthen still further the thesis of The Problem. A final step will bring  - among other arguments -- the testimony of the Greek Megasthenes who was  in India in c. 300 B.C. to bear on the traditional Indian chronology  according to the Purat:1as. In the resulting new light on the identity of  the contemporaneous Indian king whom he and other Greek writers called  "Sandrocottus", it will attempt to meet the challenge of the various  questions arising from the subsequent history of ancient India. below

About This Book
  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 10 Digit ISBN : 8185179670
  • Edition : 1st Edition
  • Year : 1992
  • Pages : xv,444p
  • Size : 23cm

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