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K.K. Ramachandran

Academic & Professional Qualifications: bachelor

About the Author

K.K. Ramachandran got graduated from University of Calcutta in political science and economics, after obtaining formal education from his native place. He joined one of the units of J.K. Organisation, Calcutta and retired from their Delhi office. Worked as Assistant Editor in Kerala Rashmi, a monthly published from Calcutta. He published a novel and a few short stories under the pseudonyms "Seetha" and "Ramchand". Ramachandran is actively involved in the propagation of Gurudharma and now settled in Annamanada, Thrissur with wife Raji and son Rajajit in Bengaluru.
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The Life, Times and Miracles of Sree Narayana Guru

The relevance and importance of the teachings of the saint-poet-philosopher-social reformer Sree Narayana Guru are increasing day by day and have been influencing millions of people all over the world. Of the hundreds of biographies of Guru, this book in three parts is unique as it depicts the life of this spiritual preceptor, chronologically detailing the varied roles he played to change the social, economic, political, religious and spiritual life of the people and the countless incredible miracles he performed during his 72 years of worldly existence.
The book provides an in-depth study of the social conditions prevailing in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of Kerala. A picture is clearly drawn on how an avarna liberated a society steeped in ignorance to such heights that the higher-ups in social order could not even dream of, by a bloodless spiritual revolution. The different roles Guru enacted in his life and the numerous miracles he performed, not highlighted so far in any biography, find a prominent place in this book. The life of Guru is presented here as it was. Readers can form their own conclusions about this great soul. The Foreword by Prof. M.K. Sanoo is a window to enter into the insight of the life of the Guru.