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The Marwari Heritage

by: D.K. Taknet



ISBN: 9788192976716
Year Of Publication: 2015
Edition: 1st
Pages : 511
Bibliographic Details : Appendices, Glossary, Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: International Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (IIME)
Foreword By : Arvind Panagariya
Size: 34
Weight: 4000

The Marwari Heritage takes the reader of on a voyage of discovery of the Marwari who migrated from Rajputana, Haryana, Malwa and its adjoining region to other parts of India. They braved trials and tribulations in uncharted territories, supporting others of their community, never losing faith in their ability to succeed, and focused on their goal, they became the uncrowned kings, first of trade and business, and later of industry. They joined the freedom struggle with a true spirit of patriotism, philanthropy and active political involvement. Many courted imprisonment and even achieved martyrdom. Today the roots of Marwari community are deeply enmeshed in the social cultural and economic fabric of India. Their innate psyche of giving back to society has seen them donate generously to education, empowerment of women and vocational training leading to employment. At the helm of most successful entrepreneurial enterprises, they focus on innovation and technological advancement has resulted in governments of several countries seeking their advice on economic growth. Of the many who have left an indelible mark on the history, socio-political and economic foundation of the country this book is enriched with rich cameos of some of these ‘greats’ and the reader drives insight into numerous newly discovered and hitherto unrecorded facts. The younger generation of Marwari continue to dream big and build on the foundations their forefathers planted. They continue to grow from strength to strength marching toward new horizons. The plethora of welfare schemes and trust responsible for development of the nation’s needy continue to be monitored with precision. Meticulously researched over five year and richly illustrated with over 100 rare, coloured photographs, paintings, and 600 black & white photographs, illustrations and rare documents publish for the first time, readers have much to feast to have their eyes on. This pictorial book also served as an inspiration to any and everyone who dares to dream and reach for the skies.




1. Historical Background

2. Marwari Entrepreneurship in Pre-Independent India

3. Role of the Marwaris in the Freedom Struggle

4. Rapid Progress after Independence

5. Marwari Art of Giving

6. making their Mark: Visionaries and Pioneers

Appendix 1: Marwari Firms (1750-1940)

Appendix 2: Outstanding Marwaris in Various Fields

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