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भारतवर्ष में प्राचीनकाल से लेकर आज तक देवोपासना की एक अविच्छिन्न एवं जीवन्त परम्परा रही है । यह परम्परा निगम...

Mysticism in Shaivism and Christianity

If mysticism is hard to define, what is it then? Or, why have mystics often spoken about what they have realized — notwithstanding the ‘unspeakability’ of a spiritual experience? And, yet more significantly, how can a meeting point of different religious traditions be discovered at...

Science of Validation of Medicinal and Edible Plants for Cure and Good Health

The interest in medicinal plants and edible plants of medicinal value is fast growing, worldwide. Though the classical textbooks on Ayurveda, the Indian traditional health-care system, provide detailed and authentic information on these plants’ medicinal and heath values, there lacked ...

The Aryabhatiya of Aryabhata

The Aryabhatiya of Aryabhata is of great work in the annals of the history of Indian mathematics and astronomy. This volume is expected to give a complete translation (with notes) of the Aryabhatiya with references to some of the most important parallel passages. It is a brief descriptiv...