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  • Temples in India: Origin and Developmental Stages

Temples in India: Origin and Developmental Stages below

About This Book

This volume is a study of the beginning and evolution of temple architecture in India which covers sculptures and carvings as well.

With over a hundred plates of temples and carvings on them, including cave facades and pillar depictions, it deals with temples constructed by the different ancient and medieval dynasties in Indian history, particularly the Early Western Calukyan and Later Western Calukyans, Pallava, Pandya, Cola, Hoyasala and Nayaka. With illustrations that include maps, plans of caves and even viharas and caityas, it undertakes a study of the temples found in different States of India. The research discusses the variations in plans and elevations to examine development of temple architecture over time and new experimentations in the building of temples by use of various materials. Reconstructing art and architectural styles from the remnants of the ruined temples in many places, it explains terms and concepts in temple building and architecture and cites examples of various temple styles and traditions including the best and the earliest ones. The focus is on the Dravida and Nagara temple styles and a third hybrid form of √∑ikhara that developed in the Deccan. Many Jaina temples are also covered.

The book will prove extremely useful for scholars and students of Indology, particularly those studying Indian religious architecture.

  • Binding: : Pb
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788124604960
  • Edition : 1st
  • Year : 2010
  • Pages : xviii, 264
  • Size : 24
  • Series Number : 10
  • Series Name : Perspectives in Indian Art and Archaeology
  • Weight (approx.) : 600
  • Bibliographic Details : Glossary; Bibliography; Index

This series covers studies on *Sculptures: Stone, Bronze *Monuments *Museum Catalogues *Iconography *Antiquities *Caves and Forts *Historical Places, Palaces and Edifices *Temple Sites *Various Schools of Art *History of Art: Mauryan Period, Sunga Period, Kusana Period, Gupta Period,  Medieval Period *Symbols *Idols and Images *Iconometry *Attributes and Objects of Icons *Mudras *Asanas *Vahanas *Hindu Deities: Gods, Goddesses, Matrkas, Their Different Forms *Monuments *Iconology, and Other Related Aspects.

List of Plates and Figures
Transliteration Chart
1. Rock-cut Stupas, Viharas, Caityas and Temples
2. Gupta Temples
3. Central Indian Temples
4. Temples of Orissa
5. Temples of Gujarat
6. Temples of Rajasthan
7. Early Western Calukyan Temples
8. Later Western Calukyan Temples
9. Pallava Temples
10. Pandya Temples
11. Cola Temples
12. Hoysala Temples
13. Temples of Vijayanagar
14. Nayaka Temples
15. Temples of Kerala
16. Temples of Jammu & Kashmir
17. Temples of Himachal Pradesh
18. Temples of Bengal
19. Temples of Assam

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