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  • Hari Smriti: Studies in Art, Archaeology and Indology

Hari Smriti: Studies in Art, Archaeology and Indology

This collection of sixty-one papers contributed by the scholars from India and abroad is in memory of Dr. H Sarkar who retired as Jt. Director General, Archaeological Survey of India. He is very well known for his invaluable contribution to the field of archaeology. The papers included herein are the outcome of researches done on art, architecture, iconography, epigraphy, numismatic, archaeological explorations and excavations, antiquities and museums, conservation and heritage management over the years besides reminiscences. Bound in two volumes it is divided into eight sections, i.e., Section-I: Haribishnu Sarkar: Reminicenses and Tribute; Section-II: Art and Iconography; Section-III: Architecture; Section-IV: Archaeology; Section-V: Epigraphy and Numismatics; Section-VI: Antiquities and Museums; Section-VII: Conservation and Heritage Management; Section-VIII: Miscellaneous. Volume 1: Section-I: Haribishnu Sarkar: Reminicenses and Tribute: (1) My Friend Sarkar/ M A Dhaky; (2) Dr. Haribishnu Sarkar: A Gentleman Scholar/ B D Chattopadhyaya; (3) Dr. H Sarkar/ B M Pande; (4) A Tribute to Sri H Sarkar/ V V Krishna Sastry; (5) Dr. H Sarkar: In the Footsteps of Sri Amalananda Ghosh/ Amar Narth Khanna; (6) Dr. Haribishnu Sarkar: A Tribute/ Purnima Ray Section- II: Art & Iconography: (1) Devaraja in Cambodian History/ Lokesh Chandra; (2) An Estimate of Gupta Terracottas/ P K Agrawala; (3) The Amaravati Master: Spatial Conventions in the Art of Amaravati/ Elizabeth Rosem Stone; (4) Main Stupa, Udayagiri (Orissa))/ Debala Mitra; (5) The Temple Fragments from Kaveripakkam/ M A Dhaky; (6) Buddhism in the Deccan During the Satavahana Age/ Ajay Mitra Shastri; (7) Some Remarks on the Freer Panels/ Dirk W Lonne; (8) Ajanta's History/ Walter M Spink; (9) Saptartnas in Buddhism: Their Origin, Function and Depictions/ Mallar Mitra; (10) Pattan Munara: Minar or Mandir?/ Michael W Meister; (11) Early Stone Sculptures of Tripurantaka in South India/ Gerd J R Mevissen; (12) A Unique Sivalinga from Navile and Some Cultural Issues/ A Sundara; (13) The Nolamba Style and Vijayanagara Archaizing: The Bhoganandisvara Compound at Nandi, Karnataka/ Andrew L Cohen; (14) A 12th Century Hoysala Image of Siva Gajasurasamharamurti from the Amritesvara Temple, Amritapura/ Kirsti Evans; (15) A Newly Discovered Visvarupa Image from Haryana/ Devendra Handa; (16) Hero Stones at Pushpagiri/ D Hanumantha Rao; (17) Art of the Paramaras of Vagada/ P K Trivedi; (18) Brahma Image from Elephanta/ B V Shetti; (19) Tripurantaka Siva (Destroyer of Three Cities)/ R Nagaswamy; (20) Two Rare Images of Mahachandaroshana from Antichak/ B S Verma; (21) From Graha Vinayaka to Siddhi Vinayaka/ V V Krishna Sastry (22) Courtesans and Tantric Consorts: Female Sexuality and Fertility in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Biographies/ Serinity Young; (23) Surya Sculptures from Hampi/ K M Suresh; (24) Bull in Banas Culture/ Arundhati Banerji; Section-III: Architecture: (25) Art and Architecture of Tulumadu/ H R Raghunath Bhat; (26) Inter-Relations in Regional Schools of Indian Architecture/ Krishna Deva; (27) Roman Influence of Indian Architecture: A Reassessment/ D R Das; (28) Behati: New Light on Gupta Architecture in Madhya Pradesh/ D Dayalan; (29) Samidhesvara Temple, Chittorgarh/ B L Nagarch; (30) A Star Shaped Vimana at Hiresinganagutti/ Shrinivas V Padigar; (31) The Virupaksha Temple at Pattadakal: Did Pallava Architecture Build it?/ S Rajasekhara; (32) The Intercultural Relationship of the Sacred Architecture in Travancore/ Falk Reitz; Volume 2: Section-IV: Archaeology: (33) The Left-over of Palaeolithic Man in and around Betwa River Valley, U P/Sangita Chakraborty & Nayan Ananda Chakraborty; (34) Aspects of Prehistoric Astronomy in India/N Kameswara Rao; (35) Recent Exploration along the Narmada/V Shivananda; (36) Neolithic Ceramic Industries of North-Eastern and Central-Eastern India/J S Nigam; (37) Harappan Landscape of Western India/ M K Dhavalikar; (38) Who were the Aryans?/Sursi M Vikram & Arun Kumar; (39) Namana: Chalcolithic Settlement in Hadoti Region of Rajasthan/D N Dimri & Rajendra Yadav; (40) Current Perspectives on the Megalithic Culture of South India/ Udayaravi S Moorti; (41) Iron Technology in Eastern India: Archaeometallurgical Studies/ Pranab K Chattopadhyay; (42) Archaeological Investigations in District Sravasti, Uttar Pradesh/ D P Tewari & B K Pandey; (43) Excavations at Sarnath: Some Reflections regarding Early Phase, Stratigraphy and Architecture/B R Mani; (44) The Kunindas and their Archaeology in Garhwal Himalaya/ B M Khanduri; (45) Recent Excavation at Udayagiri: A Revelation/ Bimal Bandyopadhyay; (46)Colonial Indology and Some Non-Indian Critics/ Dilip K Chakrabarti; Section-V: Epigraphy & Numismatics: (47) Two Donations in Favour of the Mahasanghikas of Mathura/ Gouriswar Bhattacharya; (48) Agriculture and Industries as Gleaned from Place Names in Kalachuri Inscriptions/Malati Mahajan; (49) Maharashtraka-traya of Aihole Prasasti/Ishikawa Kan; (50) Literature under Devaraya-II of Vijayanagara (AD 1426-1446)/C T M Kotraiah; (51) Rohilkhand: An Epigraphical Study/M Ilyas Quddusi; (52) A Unique Gold Coin/ Murtaja Baseer; Section-VI: Antiquities & Museums: (53) Cultural Patrimony and Heritage with special reference to Retrieval and Preservation of Cultural Property/L K Srinivasan; (54) Protection of Cultural Property vis-a-vis Antiquarian Legislation and People in India/C B Patil; (55) Beginning of Museums and Museum Movement in India/ I K Sharma; Section-VII: Conservation & Heritage Management: (56) Archaeological Conservation in India/ M C Joshi; (57) Concept of Preservation-Conservation in Ancient Days/K K Ramamurthy; (58) Foundations of the Taj Mahal/ R Sengupta; (59) Monument Management and Urbanization: A Case Study of Bhubaneswar/ N James; Section-VIII: Miscellaneous: (60) Bareilly Through 1857-58/M Yaseen Quddusi; (61) Not Very Long Ago/Ajit Kumar Dutta. below

About This Book
  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788170174530
  • Edition : 1st Edition
  • Year : 2016
  • Pages : xxxii+575p
  • Size : 29
  • Weight (approx.) : 350

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