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 The importance of printing hardly calls for any emphasis in today’s world — for every manufacturer, business house, or trader needs to have all sorts of brochures, leaflets, booklets, marketing/packaging material, or even stationery items. Even e-printing has not reduced its importance!

Company Profile
D.K. Printworld counts among the quality printers for single and multi-colour printing. With the state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology at our command, including the latest high-speed multi-colour offset printing machines with computer-controlled facilities, we have achieved the highest standards of printing: technologically or otherwise. And according to the requirements and tastes of individual customers. We are supported with computers, image scanners, single/four colour offset printing machines (Dominant/Heidelberg/Roland/Planto) to offer the best and finest results in multi-colour printing. The company has attempted to raise the technique of picture perfect printing to a fine art. We have been delivering high quality printing at extremely competitive rates and within a timeframe to a wide range of corporate houses. Our company has brought its state-of-the-art reprographics and cutting edge printing technologies to work wonders for our esteemed clients.

We specialise in the printing of :
* Annual Reports     * Books         * Brochures     * Calendars
* Danglers     * Folders     * House Magazines     * Leaflets
* Labels     * Posters     * Tags     * Souvenirs
* Digitalized printing     * Information Bulletins     * Catch covers
* Boxes for Cosmetics/Pharmaceuticals/Pesticides     * Visual aids

Pre-press and Post-press Services
D.K. Printworld has the requisite infrastructure to carry out all pre-press activities such as type-setting, graphic-designing, photography of products, scanning of photos/TPs, proofing, processing and plate-making. Likewise, we also offer post-print facilities for instance, lamination [Matt /Glossy / UV Coating (Spot / Solid)], varnishing, folding and binding. For binding, we use the latest book-binding systems that ensure impeccable precision and the very best quality.

Technical support
The company has a team of highly skilled professionals capable of handling any type of job related to printing and giving the best results. Our computer/manual designers and technicians have the essential expertise to create appropriate, at once modern designs, giving your brochures/catalogues an altogether fresh appeal. Along with its team of dedicated workers, the company is continuously upgrading itself to meet customers’ satisfaction by delivering the most outstanding and cost-efficient print solutions. The Quality Assurance Department is ever on its heels, constantly monitoring and inspecting the printing outcome. To make the final product more effective, we, if asked, also give professional advice to the clients on various aspects: the quality of paper to use, the kind of printing to undertake, in short, guide them through the entire process.

State-of-the-art Print Management
In order to compete with the best in the industry, we have adopted a policy of bettering our performance by ensuring value addition at every stage of production and service.  In keeping with this philosophy, the company is dedicatedly involved in every aspect of print management — right from the selection of paper for printing to designing, proofing, processing and end user applications that involve logistic and feedbacks.  To meet the sophisticated demands of our customers, we have been upgrading our units. Our designing unit, for instance, has a collection of classical CDs for selection of images and to facilitate designing process.  To get the best out of the design, high-resolution film is exposed on state-of-the-art image setters.  Next, the special photosensitive high quality plates are exposed on a fully computerized, automation plate exposing system.

Our Future
D.K. Printworld has been growing in terms of the services offered as well as its clientele over the years. Having already diversified in large measures, the company is well-poised towards a well-directed, sustained growth. In the near future, we are likely to expand the production facilities, the standards of quality and the work culture through training and technology optimization. The Indian market is opening up to foreign investors and the demand for high quality products is increasing. We have always upgraded our facilities to meet changing needs and are well set to meet future demands.

Infrastructure for Press and Binding

Plate Making
One        (Scitex) Computer to Plate System (CTP)
One        Plate Processor Kodak Polychrome Graphics
Two        Complete conventional Plate making


One        Four color Heidelberg CD 102 (with online coater) 28x40 offset
                Printing Machine (make 2006)
One        Five color Mitsubishi 20x30 UV Printing Offset Machine with Online
                Coating System - (make 2008)
One        Four Color Mitsubishi 20x30 Offset Printing Machine – (make 2005)
One        Two color Heidelberg CPC Speed master 28x40
One        Single Color Heidelberg 19x26 Offset Printing Machine


Two      Aster Sewing Machines
One     Sewing Machine Polygraph
One     6 Clamp Perfect Binder Welbound – (make 2009)
One     4 Clamp Perfect Binder Sheridan – (make2003)
Two     Folding Machines Stahl
One     Folding Machine (GUK)
One     Gathering 18 station     
One     Booklet Maker Horizon
One     Wiro Punching and closing Machine
One     Spiral Binding Machine
One     Board Cutter
Four    Cutting Machines Polar 3 and Horizon 1
One     Three Knife Trimmer Polygraph
Two      Nipping Machines
Three   Centre Stitching Machine
One      Centre Loop Stitching Machine
Two      Die Cutting Machines
One      UV Machine
One      Thermal Lamination 32”
One      Wet lamination 30”
One      Hot Foil Stamping Machine


Shrink wrapping Machine
Wrapping Machine
Strapping Machine etc.


Power Backups
One        500 KVA Kirloskar
One       125 KVA Ashok Leyland
One        62 KVA Ashok Leyland