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Patient-Physician Relationship

by: Ratna Dutta Sharma , Sashinungla

The book contains papers presented at a workshop on “patient-physician relationship,” organised by Jadavpur University, by thinkers from various disciplines like religion, philosophy and law discussing medical ethics, consent and confidentiality, gender-related differences, etc.



ISBN: 9788186921418
Year Of Publication: 2007
Edition: 1st
Pages : xiii, 257
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Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Decent Books
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The papers presented at a workshop on ßpatient-physician relationship,û organized by Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University, have thinkers from various disciplines like religion, philosophy and law discussing a range of issues involved in patient-physician understanding. The concept is viewed in the modern context as well as keeping the indigenous thought tradition in mind. The papers examine the nature and limits of the patient-physician relationship, issues relating to medical ethics, the working of consent and confidentiality, and the link between law and medicine. They look into the role of culture as a determining factor in the patient-physician relationship and the impact of religious beliefs and values on the relationship. They stress the need for a harmonious and balanced relation between the patient and the physician and importance of communication in patient-physician relationship. The experts specially throw light on feminist concerns about medical practice, such as the need for treatment referring to gender-related differences, and examine the way individual characteristics of doctors and patients affect the way they relate to each other. They emphasise on patients being educated and enlightened to be able to exercise their rights. The volume will prove interesting and informative to medical practitioners and researchers as well as general readers.


A Note
— Chhanda Gupta
— Ratna Dutta Sharma
1. Doctor-Patient Relationship: Nature and Boundaries
— Debashis Chatterjee
2. Doctor-Patient Relationship: Ethical Principles vs. Socio-Cultural Factors
— Pushpa Misra
3. Culture as Determinant of Patient-Physician Relationship in ayurveda
— Amit Kumar Sharma
4. Religion (Islam) and Sex as Determinant of Physician-Patient Relationship
— S.Y. Khan
5. Doctor-Patient Relationship: A Homoeopath’s Appraisal
— Swaraj Mazumdar
6. Concept of Indigenous Medicine
— Sashinungla
7. Caraka and the Notification of the Indian Medical Council on Physician-Patient
Relationship: A Comparative Study
— Ratna Dutta Sharma
8. Non-Reason, Madness, Mental Health Science and the “Ethics of Psychoanalysis”
— Anup Kumar Dhar & Ranjita Biswas
9. Shades of Confidentiality in Physician-Patient Relationship in the Context of Mental Health
— Somdatta Bhattacharyya
10. A Glimpse into the Domain of Consent in the Doctor-Patient Relationship — Is it a
Myth or a Reality?
— Nandini Banerjee
11. Patient-Physician Relationship for Conducting a Clinical Trial: A Look on Ethical Aspects
and Role of Statistical Designs
— Gopaldeb Chattopadhyay
12. Medicine and Law: In the Perspective of Physician-Patient Relationship
— Malay Kumar Basu
13. Status of Patients and Physicians in Indian Scenario: Its Improvement for Delivery of Better Health Care
— Bansi Badan Mukhopadhyay
14.Some Feminist Concerns about Medical Practice
— Shefali Moitra
The Contributors

Meet the Author
Ratna Dutta Sharma is Professor of Philosophy of Jadavpur University. She is the author of Philosophical Discourse (2000). She is also the author of several articles on varied subjects, and is co-editing a book Sruti as the Foundation of Hindu Social and Moral Tradition.
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Sashinungla received her Ph.D. at the North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, where she wrote her thesis on environmental philosophy. She is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Jadavpur University, Kolkata, where she often gets to teach Eco-Philosophy, Peace and Conflict studies, and Buddhist Philosophy. She has published on Folklore and Culture, Insurgency, and Strategic studies, and is now working on issues of Conversion and Terrorism.