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“Volume 2 Morality for the Ailing and Others “

Refugees, Marriage, Asuras and Varied by: Indrani Sanyal , Ratna Dutta Sharma



ISBN: 9788193607633
Year Of Publication: 2021
Edition: 1st
Pages : x,299
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Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Suryodaya Books
Size: 23cm
Weight: 572


Morality for the Ailing and Others: An Anthology on Applied Ethics, volume 2 is a collection of ten articles written by distinguished scholars who have provided exciting and interesting introduction to some domains of medical ethics, environmental ethics, ethics of politics, exploratory account of moral domains centring female sexuality, women’s position in society and prescribed code of conduct for women and analytic explanation of some hard-core ethical concepts and theories. This publication aims at carrying out the task of emphasizing the link, if any, between hard-core ethical theories and their applications to real life practical situations with special reference to Indian texts and literature. However, any holistic approach to ethics as a branch of philosophy hardly can deny drawing some contrast, comparison and analogy with the Western paradigms. The present anthology is no exception to this custom. Strictly speaking, this is a book on Applied Ethics which aims at exploring concrete suggestions, as far as possible, to meet challenges posed before human beings arising from moral conflicts and dilemmas at different levels of life. Whoever is interested in applied ethics – whether a researcher or a student or a lay reader – will be enormously benefited by the richness of the content of this volume. Authors have sharpened theoretical tools as per their requirements and credibly covered some of the fuzzy areas of practical moral situations. Articles are written in clear language and in very lucid but argumentative style.


1. Hegelian Ethics and Its Actualization
— Krishna Roy
2. Tagore and Freud: Female Sexuality
— Pushpa Misra
3. The Vedic Notion of R̥ta
— Pradyot Kumar Mandal
4. The Concept of Asura in Indian Tradition
— Raghunath Ghosh
5. Responses from Dharma-Ethics to the Concept
and Practice of Euthanasia in
Medico-Legal Contexts
— Indrani Sanyal
6. Dos and Don’ts for the Persons Involved in
the Health Care Domain
— Ratna Dutta Sharma
7. Deep Ecology and Jainism
— Santosh Kumar Pal
8. Society and Code of Conduct: A Deliberation
with Reference to Women in Ancient India
— Gopa Gupta
9. Manusmr̥ti and the Position of Women in Society
— Krishna Datta
— Gargi Goswami
10. Terrorism: Some Ethical Issues
— Roma Chakraborty

Meet the Author
Dr Indrani Sanyal, Professor of Philosophy and Co-ordinator, Centre for Sri Aurobindo Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, is in the teaching profession for more than thirty years now. Her areas of specialisation include Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Ethics, especially Indian Ethics and Aurobindonian Studies. Dr Sanyal has many published books to her credit, among them are: On Essentialist Claims; Understanding Thoughts of Sri Aurobindo; Sri Aurobindo and His Contemporary Thinkers; Ethics and Culture: Some Indian Reflections; Sri Aurobindo: The Poet, Philosopher and Yogi. She has also edited with an Introduction, 'A Collection of Essays' by Arabinda Basu.
Ratna Dutta Sharma is Professor of Philosophy of Jadavpur University. She is the author of Philosophical Discourse (2000). She is also the author of several articles on varied subjects, and is co-editing a book Sruti as the Foundation of Hindu Social and Moral Tradition.
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““Volume 2 Morality for the Ailing and Others “”

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