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Ethics and Culture:Some Indian Reflections

by: Indrani Sanyal , Sashinungla

The book explores values that involve man’s existence and his interaction and interrelations with others and deal with the Vedantic, political and economic thoughts of eminent saints and thinkers of India. The articles also include various viewpoints with the hope to ignite the spirit of better understanding of values.



ISBN: 9788186921524
Year Of Publication: 2010
Edition: 1st
Pages : viii, 364
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Decent Books
Size: 23
Weight: 700


The anthology Ethics and Culture: Some Indian Reflections looks into global and local questions pertaining to individual morality and social ethos in the larger domain of man in relation to man, in relation to various domains of society and also in relation to nature/world/cosmos. A group of philosophers have presented a panorama of pluralistic Indian perspectives that include classical, traditional Vedic, contemporary and tribal viewpoints with the hope to ignite the spirit of better understanding of values. The result is a well-planned text for students of philosophy, sociology, anthropology and politics and an analytic and authentic reference for researchers with interest in these areas of thought.
Any forward-looking reader with a wider interest may find this anthology to be quite useful.

Meet the Author
Dr Indrani Sanyal, Professor of Philosophy and Co-ordinator, Centre for Sri Aurobindo Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, is in the teaching profession for more than thirty years now. Her areas of specialisation include Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Ethics, especially Indian Ethics and Aurobindonian Studies. Dr Sanyal has many published books to her credit, among them are: On Essentialist Claims; Understanding Thoughts of Sri Aurobindo; Sri Aurobindo and His Contemporary Thinkers; Ethics and Culture: Some Indian Reflections; Sri Aurobindo: The Poet, Philosopher and Yogi. She has also edited with an Introduction, 'A Collection of Essays' by Arabinda Basu.
Sashinungla received her Ph.D. at the North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, where she wrote her thesis on environmental philosophy. She is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Jadavpur University, Kolkata, where she often gets to teach Eco-Philosophy, Peace and Conflict studies, and Buddhist Philosophy. She has published on Folklore and Culture, Insurgency, and Strategic studies, and is now working on issues of Conversion and Terrorism.